One of the Top Software Distributors in India

One of the Top Software Distributors in India

This leading software distributor offers cost-effective cloud solutions by providing organizations with cloud consultation, application integration and cloud security services.

The Goal

The goal was to  position and promote Microsoft Azure as the referable could solution for SAP clients.

Goal 1

Targeting direct SAP end clients to adopt using Microsoft Azure as their cloud service provider.

Goal 2

Targeting SAP implementation partners to become channel partners for Microsoft Azure


  • Sales reps often dealt with inaccurate information on their prospects
  • Diminished ability to reach out to prospects and real decision makers via cold calling and other outreach programs.

The Solution & Outcome

Growth Hacking Solutions provided by Spinta Digital included: Social Selling & Lead Generation

  • Spinta Digital’s lead generation services helped identify their primary target audiences by matching their data points.
  • Our predominant contribution was in assisting them to promote Microsoft Azure towards the right target audiences.

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