Landmark Hair Clinic

Landmark Hair Clinic

Landmark hair clinic is a London based hair restoration clinic offering a wide range of hair loss solutions under one roof.

Through the usage of the best products, services and doctors in the industry,  the clinic has continued to be the ultimate choice for celebrities and other influential figures in society today. 

The Goal

Spinta Digital’s main goal was to ensure that the brand remained digitally inspiring and recognised across varied online channels.

The Solution

The Spinta team worked on a number of possible alternatives to meet the goals set and deliver on the targets.

Here’s how Spinta Digital played its role and remains one of the major contributing factors behind what Landmark Hair Clinic is today. 

Landmark Hair Clinic - Case Study - Spinta Digital - Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai.

Web Solutions

  • Development of a robust, user-friendly design that highlights all the KPIs of a beauty and wellness clinic
  • Integrated blogging platforms to enable extensive content marketing services for the clinic

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Identification of suitable keywords to rank the website higher on the Google search engine
  • Worked on On-Page and Off-Page SEO optimisation for the website
  • Performed integrated bookmarking and directory submission for all web pages belonging to the site
  • Generation of monthly reports for all keywords used

Social Media Marketing

  • Responsible for handling their online reputation management across social media channels
  • Social profiles such as  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram were optimised
  • Development of  selective and relevant hashtags like – #landmarkclinic #hairrestoration #hairclinicinbristol and so on
  • Responsible for client engagement and interaction on social media platforms

Content Marketing

  • Integrated blogs for the clinic to enable optimal use of content marketing
  • Composed SEO optimised content to help drive traffic through online mediums
  • Distributed content across varied platforms

Workflow Strategy - Landmark Hair Clinic - Case Study - Spinta Digital - Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai.


Campaign 1 : #GiftOfHair

Channels – Facebook and Instagram – #GiftOfHair to a loved one

  • Idea – Devised a seasonal greeting / offer campaign with the hashtag #GiftofHair
  • The campaign was posted on social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) where the users were encouraged to provide / share the #GiftofHair coupons to their loved ones for Christmas season

Campaign 2 : “Let Your Mane Shine”

Channels – Facebook.

  • Devised a new campaign to help users and subscribers understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet for an enriched lifestyle and healthy hair

A few words from, Michelle Parekh, Brand Development Specialist, Landmark Clinic, London

"Our association with Spinta Digital has been both productive and measurable. Be it their conceptualisation, ideation or strategy or deliverable's, the team has been a great resource of help and guidance. Kudos to your work!! "

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