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Being one of our firsts in the “data” space, we were excited when DataSwitch, a Chicago-based Legacy Data Modernization firm, reached out to us. DataSwitch is on a mission to help simplify the biggest data engineering problems and enable organizations en route their digital data transformation.

From darkness to light

Having a great product (the first of its kind) was just not enough! Despite having built a unique game-changing no-code platform for Data Modernization, that would potentially transform the norms of data engineering, we found that DataSwitch had trouble with taking their product off the shelf and to the right people.

Go-To-Market Strategy
There was no doubt that the DataSwitch platform had big takers in the global market. All that was needed was the right strategy. With an in-depth assessment of not just the product but also the data engineering arena, we were able to bring in the right kind of partnerships to get them started

Content Marketing
Being fairly new and drastically niche, it wasn’t long before we realized that we needed to integrate a strong content strategy to rightly position the brand. With blogs talking about what DataSwitch is and explaining its distinctive features while providing consecutive value, we DataSwitch gained inbound traction and engagement.

Lead Generation
With strategic segmentation and messaging via emails and LinkedIn, and constant nurturing over the last 10 months, we generated over 100 positive leads and fostered over 10 profitable partnerships with global industry leaders.

Social Media Management
Our minds keep boggling with ideas when ideating for an exciting and evolving brand like DataSwitch. We’ve come up with some truly innovative creatives that perfectly capture what DataSwitch is and how they help. Here’s a look!

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