ICICI Bank UK is a renowned banking service having a wide range of web API’s and mobile API’s to help make customer journeys better.

As a part of their safe and secure internet banking schemes, ICICI bank UK decided to invest in the creation of online forms for opening user accounts.

Spinta’s technology team was entrusted with the objective of creating a user interface design for a “web form” that can ease the process of opening savings accounts online for ICICI’s new customers.

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The Requirements

ICICI’s group of inspectors needed the following major criteria's met when it came to their web forms.

  • An interface that is easy-to-read and comprehend
  • User navigation made convenient
  • Enhanced customer experience 

Spinta’s technology team worked hard to achieve the following targets and consequently invested in the following technologies for the design of the web form

  • Front End = Materialize | Jquery | CSS 3 | HTML 5
  • Sneak Peek of our UI Design.
Spinta Digital delivered on the targets put forward and ICICI Bank UK had deliverable's that were beyond the initial agreements. The changes made and the technologies invested, helped position ICICI Bank UK in a positive and distinct light in comparison to their competitors.

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