Considered doing B2B marketing using Facebook? Here are top 5 benefits of using this social platform as an imperative source for your b2b marketing strategy.

In 2015, a survey of 3700 B2B companies showed 30% of them already reaping the Facebook marketing benefits. Facebook, the largest social media platform offers to stand out audience aggregation and engagement optimization potential for B2B businesses. It offers to connect to other enterprises casually on a personal level.

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The Top 5 reasons why Facebook presence and promotions are working for B2B marketers are:

Business Customers Are Human, Too

Facebook is a compelling consumer engagement & a brand building channel no business can ignore. The reason B2B customers are benefitting from a presence on Facebook as behind every business there is an individual/consumer who is most likely to be browsing Facebook casually. He is liable to notice the presence, promotions on Facebook and is likely to engage in queries, downloads and finally an action as a representative of the business. Facebook does provide for “Call to Action” button which only adds to business to business connect.

Improve the Search Engine Ranking

The social media market is enormous and full of choices. The Google algorithms also have started relying on the fan base statistics of the business. The Facebook fan base can give an advantage to an organization’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) status. A B2B company can build a fan base on Facebook quite rapidly. The number of monthly visitors on Facebook crossing 1.19 billion in 2015, it’s a number hardly any marketer can choose to ignore.

Build Your Brand

Facebook offers tremendous brand building opportunity. It provides the organization’s ability to communicate with its fan base in formal as well as informal manner. The platform can be used to address concerns and queries which an individual may have as a representative of the business.

Many B2B companies like HubSpot regularly post links to downloadable content it has on its website. The interesting content links posted on Facebook drive the traffic of businesses to their website. A B2B organization can utilize the Facebook facility of sharing content that is useful, and interesting.

Amplify & Utilize Audience Segmentation at Its Best

The Facebook advertising tool offers the advertiser with sharper focus or targeting techniques such as country, age group, hobbies, interests, etc. Enabling the advertiser to aim the campaign towards the right customer who is most likely to take an action on the campaign. The Facebook advertisements coupled with advertising intelligence like web analytics available creates a great input for inbound marketing information for business. Another good thing about B2B business being on the Facebook is that it allows one to re-target the advertisements only to people who have visited your website.

Lead Generation Potential on Facebook

The lines between work and home have blurred. Since Facebook brings information far more entertainingly than any other social platform. For e.g. a company called Cvent an online event and survey solutions company organized a story contest for the fan club on Facebook. The subject is “How the users build a crowd for an event they organize” The contest has not only help create potential leads but has increased user engagement due to two-way communication is done by the organization.

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In summary, Facebook’s robust platform offers the B2B marketer a grand opportunity to surge ahead digitally. Facebook’s deep reach in the business market along with its free and paid tools allow the enormous potential for companies to engage economically with potential clients. Building a brand on Facebook the largest social platform matters even to search engines a reason enough to ensure every B2B expands the Facebook presence.