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Spinta Digital, social media marketing company in Chennai, India is run by digital marketing experts who understand the importance of implementing right social media marketing strategies for brands. Be it campaign management, social reputation management, social profile monitoring etc. You name it, we do it.


Planning and execution of effective and optimized social media campaigns on social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest etc.) to brand your business / product.


Our social media experts help manage and monitor your social media profile. We handle your social media brand reputation across different social platforms.


Building a recognition via social media through analyzing and publishing unique social media contest and promotions for your brand. Our social media specialist predominantly focus on video and photo contests for spiraling your social media branding. Take a look at our case study to know more.


Our social media experts help in building your social media brand recognition via social media advertising :- organic and paid advertising. We’ll be your guide to put forth the best, most attractive designs possible to bring a social reputation for your brand.


As a social media marketing company in Chennai, India, our strategies are as data-driven and customized to every client's needs.

What is our approach to build a brand's social media reputation?

Social media experts from Spinta Digital, follow a crystal-clear focus on reaching out the right audience with the right content.

In today's digital world, it’s all about building the right relationships and significant networking to drive ROI for your brand. Website visitors, blog links, Twitter mentions, Facebook fans and LinkedIn and Google+ connections are all numbers worth measuring for any brands through their social media profile. As a social media marketing company in Chennai, India we help you in devising strategies that can move these numbers up.

Are these social media numbers efficient to drive an optimized social media strategy?

Not really. Numbers, tell only half of the story of any brands social ranking. There’s also the question of sentiment – what percentage of the comments about your brand are positive instead of negative?

Is your social media marketing effort pushing that sentiment needle in a positive direction? Your SROI – Social Return On Investment – has to go a step further, and connect the results to your bottom line. We’ve been helping companies do that for years, and we’d love the chance to show you how to do it too.

Want to reach thousands of prospects and clients at the click of a mouse? Social media connects you directly with your target audience. But without a data-driven social media marketing strategy and an in-depth understanding of online marketing, the chance of achieving measurable ROI is almost nil.

At Spinta Digital, social media marketing company in Chennai, we build the metrics and measurement analytics into our social media marketing campaigns right from the beginning. Collecting the right data, and analyzing it with a view towards long-term success, is just part of the focused business mindset we bring to every client project.

Our Process

  • Discover
  • Optimize
  • Leverage
  • Measure

For any kind of SMB's (irrespective of your target audience) a social media content calendar template is mandatory. To save time for our clients, we have etched below a ready-to-use, free, social content calendar template. Click on the button below, enter your details and get a free download of your customized social calendar template.

Social Media
Content Calender Template

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Spinta digital's social media experts believe in the right usage of social media tools to drive significant social traffic. Our video below shows some most important social media marketing tools for driving inbound sales.

Used by many brands, Buzzsumo hits the nail while generating the right content on social media! It's simple, straightforward and gives you, in a matter of seconds, the current search rate of your "look-alike" content

Canva is a market place for designer tools. All you need is a bit of creativity and a clear vision of your design and Canva gives you much more than what you asked for.

Hashtagify helps you know how your hashtags rank in the social channels. type your desired hashtag in the search bar and you'll get the top 10 hashtags related to it, direct and to the point.

Buffer is Easy and extremely efficient to schedule your social media posts. It's just a click away process and the best part is the weekly reports of how your tweets have performed!

Hootsuite is similar to Buffer in scheduling your social media posts. if you are new into social media marketing I would personally recommend starting with Hootsuite as it's comparatively easier to understand.

How Sociable
How Sociable is to literally find out how sociable your brand is! A free account in How Sociable gives you access to monitor 12 social media accounts simultaneously which honestly, is quite a successful start for any business.

Social Mentions
Social Mentions is perhaps the easiest way to monitor your brand's mentions in the wide web. All you have to do is mention your brand name or any target keyword and give it a second before you have your results bubbling on the screen.

Tweet Deck
Tweet Deck allows you to maintain, monitor, schedule and analyze your tweets. With lots of options available, it is perhaps the best social media monitoring tool for Twitter.

Google Analytics
If you are looking to analyze your social presence, Google Analytics is what you should be looking for! It's deep, insightful and although it requires time and effort to study its various features, it's a life savior, precisely giving you what you want, at all times!

Designed by Moz, FollowerMonk gives you all the necessary details of your twitter page like who your followers are, their geographic location and even influencers who can help you

SproutSocial is a holistic tool as it helps you schedule, monitor and analyze your presence in the social world. It's prominent as it also includes social CRM tools and team collaboration tools, that sets it apart form the rest of its competitors!


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