Aladdin365 Shines Bright at ITMA Milan with Spinta Digital's Exceptional Marketing Partnership

Grand Launch : 

Aladdin365 was launched by Chief Guest Darshana Jardosh Minister of State for Textiles, Government of India, our special guests, Mr. Rohit Kansal, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India; Thomas Gries from RWTH Aachen University, Germany; Prashant Agarwal, Cofounder & JMD of Wazir Advisors, India; and Gurudas Aras, Strategic Advisor & Independent Director.


Spinta Digital, a leading marketing agency specializing in digital marketing and branding solutions, partnered with Aladdin365 for the grand launch of their revolutionary platform at ITMA, Milan. As an industry-renowned event, ITMA provided the perfect stage for Aladdin365 to unveil its innovative networking platform tailored exclusively for the textile community. Spinta Digital's expertise in branding and event promotions played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of Aladdin365's grand launch, garnering attention and engagement from industry leaders and professionals worldwide.

Client Overview:

Aladdin365, a professional networking platform developed for the textile industry, sought to establish a strong brand presence and create anticipation around their launch event. They aimed to leverage ITMA's global platform to attract a diverse audience, including textile manufacturers, industry professionals, researchers, and textile associations.

Event Promotion:

Spinta Digital devised a multi-channel marketing strategy to promote Aladdin365's launch at ITMA. The team leveraged social media platforms, email campaigns, and industry blogs to create pre-event buzz, encouraging attendees to visit Aladdin365's booth. Engaging teasers and countdowns were crafted to pique curiosity and generate excitement.

Promotional Videos:

To communicate Aladdin365's value proposition effectively, Spinta Digital produced high-quality promotional videos. These videos highlighted the platform's key features, benefits, and how it would revolutionize networking in the textile industry. The videos were strategically distributed across digital platforms, captivating the audience and encouraging them to explore Aladdin365 further.

On-site Support:

Spinta Digital provided on-site support during the ITMA event, ensuring a seamless execution of the branding elements, event collateral, and promotional materials. This included booth setup, digital displays, and interactive elements to engage visitors at the event.


Spinta Digital's collaboration with Aladdin365 for their grand launch at ITMA was a resounding success. The case study highlights the following key outcomes:

Remarkable Brand Visibility: Aladdin365's distinctive brand identity, crafted by Spinta Digital, garnered significant attention from event attendees and industry peers. 

Increased Event Footfall: The strategic promotional efforts by Spinta Digital resulted in a higher footfall at Aladdin365's booth, generating a substantial number of inquiries and potential leads from key decision-makers and industry professionals.

Enhanced Engagement: The promotional videos created by Spinta Digital captured the essence of Aladdin365's offerings, keeping the audience engaged and intrigued. The videos received widespread views and shares on social media.

Positive Reception: Aladdin365's launch at ITMA received positive feedback and reviews from event participants, affirming the platform's potential to revolutionize networking within the textile industry.


Spinta Digital's expertise in branding and event promotions played a pivotal role in making Aladdin365's grand launch at ITMA a resounding success. By crafting a captivating brand identity, executing engaging promotional strategies, and delivering high-quality content, Spinta Digital empowered Aladdin365 to leave a lasting impression on the textile industry's global stage. The partnership between Spinta Digital and Aladdin365 exemplifies the impact of strategic digital marketing and branding solutions in driving brand visibility and success within the textile community.

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