D2C Event

D2C India’s event is one of the biggest and most expected yearly events in the D2C community.

Event Overview:

D2C India’s event is one of the biggest and most expected yearly events in the D2C community. Every year the giants and the new business owners come together to share their experience and expertise to encourage, motivate, and grow as a community of bright passionate entrepreneurs. This year we had the honour to not just participate but also be one of the sponsors backing this treasure of an event. As usual, this year was also a great success for D2C India with over 500 participating delegates from top companies including BoAt, Sugar, mama earth, Plum, and The Souled Store to name a few.


⦾ There were over 30 speakers bringing the current challenges in the market and their solutions into perspective for the eager listeners.

⦾ Many entrepreneurs were celebrated and honoured for their hard work and growth in the past year through awards across 50+ categories and we were able to snatch an award too!

⦾ We at Spinta were able to add another badge of honour when our CEO and founder, Vinodh Ramakannan delegated a talk on how made-in-India brands are going global and how mar-tech could change the game for D2C brands.

Take away:

We had a great time interacting with D2C brands that changed the lives of customers and D2C brands that are on the brink of making a huge noise in the market. Networking with business owners who are at various stages of their growth gave us a broader perspective of how we can assist in speeding up their growth. The sessions were also highly informative and helped us advance our expertise in the D2C market. All in all, it was an event where we met, celebrated, and learned a lot about the ever-changing and ever-growing D2C community.

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