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What is Dataswitch and what do they do?

DataSwitch is an AI/ML driven DataTransformation Platform helpingenterprises accelerate their cloudmodernization journey, integratebusiness systems, and liberate data tocreate newer business streams. Withintuitive, no-code, self-serviceable capabilities, and a credible Partnernetwork, DataSwitch is laser focusedon enterprise-wide digital datatransformation to modernise, & revitalise application data.

Dataswitch’s Ask

Data Switch wanted to increase their digital presence while constantlyputting out engaging artefacts, andexplainer videos. They were keen toalso get and build ona holistic userpersona strategy in order reach out totheir target audience with the rightmessage, and generate qualified leadsand meetings.

Roadmap to
Dataswitch’s Success

How did we pull it off?

Data Prospecting and EmailMarketing were two great strategiesthat worked for Dataswitch as itenabled the team to have access toa lot of high quality leads. Bydeveloping a holistic user persona,we were able to equip Dataswitch tounderstand their buyer behaviourand intent in a well-rounded manner.By constructing in-depth case studies, use cases, blogs, whitepapers andexplainer videos, we were able to establish the organisation as a thoughtleader in the larger ecosystem. This in turn helped them when it came tobuilding a reputation for reliability and increased social media presence andbrand awareness.

By working with Dataswitch’s team,we were able to build an accurateand holistic user persona thatenabled them to get a good idea oftheir potential customer. Additionally,we focused on creating relatabilityaround the brand and the productitself through strengthening socialmedia presence and thoughtleadership content from the foundingteam themselves.

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