5 Do’s and Don’ts To Successfully Build A Mobile App


Looking to build a mobile app? You’re in the right place!

According to Gartner, 2016 is predicted to witness a tremendous growth in the usage of mobile apps!

Thankfully, since businesses globally recognize the importance of using mobile apps for all their operations, we can now confidently predict that mobile technology can go a long in improving user experience, engagement, and productivity!

However, all mobile apps cannot be termed as good apps! Although there are principles that when used properly will go a long way into getting the best possible use from mobile apps!

Here are 5 Do’s and Don’ts that you ought to remember when you’re building your mobile app for your business.

Do: Focus On An App Store Optimization

Undoubtedly, mobile is a key concern to businesses. However, a lot of businesses are yet to pay attention to this ramification. Therefore, even before you take a decision to build a mobile app, focus on creating a highly effective marketing strategy.

Confused? Just think about it – I am sure you know by now that every successful business has a marketing plan before they launch something new. A plan that details ideas, reach, traffic and purpose. In short, a way to get new customers/retain older ones. However, when it comes to mobile apps, it’s sad to notice that many forget to indulge in the same. Thus, it’s mandatory to plan a marketing strategy before you build your app.

Marketing plans can be a combination of marketing mediums and techniques like PR, Online Media, Pay Per Click marketing and beyond.

Do: Define Specifically On Why You Want A Mobile App

So, you’ve read that mobile apps are trending and they can help you build your brand enormously and you would like to build one for yourself. Is that right? Wrong! Really wrong!

Of course, it’s true that mobile apps are trending and they are an immensely lucrative endeavor for your business. But no, that should never be the reason to build an app! In fact, building an app is a new endeavor for your business. So start it with a goal in mind and drive your requirements to achieve it.

Never build an app simply because you have to do it! Build it with an aim & purpose!

When your void of goals, your apps just turn out to loosely emulate your competitor’s models. It’s structureless, ineffective and an absolute loss! Thus, be wise and ensure that you have a clear vision as to what you intend to achieve with your app.

Do: Keep It Simple

Let’s look at it practically – a mobile screen typically ranges from 3.5 to 11 inch (taking all brands into account!) which means having too many features is not going to work well! The idea is to keep it crisp, precise and clear.

Focus on the old adage, “Less Is More” when your building a mobile app.

Building an app with excessive and unnecessary features is going to hit hard on your user experience. With uneasy user experience, your customer is going to feel annoyed using your app and will naturally try to will abandon it!

Researchers have proved that user experience is mandatory to while building an app. The easier an app is to use, the more consumers will like it.

Build an app based on the feedback you receive from your customers. Analyze what features are important for them and incorporate them into your app to drive maximum results.

Do: Measure Your Apps Impact

Assign formal metrics for your business app to constantly measure and gauge its performance in the market. Quite honestly, a lot of companies never pay any attention to app metrics. Their significance is ignored and only realized when your app is in a position of no recovery! You don’t want that, do you? Set up metrics that can measure your app’s performance and gauge how it affects your business. Venturing into a mobile endeavor needs attention and focus to see if it’s rewarding your business.

Don’t: Stop With Just Building

Building on what I said above, remember to focus on your app’s performance. When your app is available on App store, it’s mandatory that you have a plan to increase its engagement with users. Needless to say, mobile apps can give rise to fantastic opportunities for businesses. The singular goal is to focus on engaging your users and make it work well for them! In fact, businesses that are successful in the mobile medium usually have well thought out plans on how to engage users.

Push notifications & In-App Messaging are predicted to increase in 2016.

Don’t: Make Mobile An Afterthought

Your mobile app is not just another screen. If you’re going to look at it as just another “screen”, you’re going to fail in impressing your users. Always remember that your mobile strategy must be big. It’s a chance to increase your profits, not just your reach. It’s a chance to reach out to a wider and smarter group of audience. So it’s not a small screen equipped in your hand, it’s much more than that!

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