Infographic: 6 Essential Social Media Skills A Marketer Must Have

Ever wondered what kind of social media skills you should have as a marketer? As you all know, managing a social media channel is definitely not an easy task. Perhaps it would have been the easiest job a few years ago but not anymore. Today the role of a social media executive/manager is exceeding expectations!

Therefore, I have listed below a few social media skill sets that a marketer must possess to handle social media channels.

Social Media Skills: Infographic

6 essential Social Media Skills a marketer must have - Spinta Digital, Chennai - Digital Marketing Agency


To observe your competitors is a very important aspect of managing your social media pages. To be aware of what is happening around you helps you to be up to date and not to lag behind when it comes to dishing out the right content to your followers. Monitoring social media networks will help you understand what content works and what doesn’t work. This is critical to maintain popularity and hold on to your followers in social media pages.


The way logos, colors, and fonts work together in social media images is a very important part of gaining brand attention. By using the same logos, pictures or designs across all the social media platform you will be able to maintain online brand recognition. People will respond readily to visual images and good design. It is a known fact that up to ninety percent of the info transmitted to the brain is visual. Therefore good designs will definitely attract a lot of people to your social media network.

Visual Thinking

Visual thinking will help you organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate. It is a great way to address complex and potentially confusing information to the people who are following you in social media.
It is also about using tools like pen, paper, index cards and software tools to express your internal thinking processes, making them more explicit, clear and actionable.


In the current digital age, Copywriting is critical to achieving success online. SEO, content marketing, Design, and growth hacking are all part of a complete digital marketing plan, but the glue that ties it all together is copywriting. It gives your design a proper meaning and also lays the foundation for your SEO, content marketing, and growth hacking. By writing better copy you will be able to convert more readers into customers.

Statistical Analysis

It is always important for you to know what type of audience come to your social media page, and what kin of topics interest them. A statistical analysis will help you understand what kind of content your audience like and what kind of content they want to see. This will help you abundantly when planning to launch a Social Media campaign and keep you up to date on the trends related to different topics and contents.


To communicate with your followers and respond to their queries if they have any is the best way to keep them engaged to your page. This helps in building a rapport with your followers and it also builds trust. And also you have to take care as to how you respond to negative comments that come your way. You will have to handle negative comments very carefully, you will have to find out what upset that person and handle them as politely as you possibly can.

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