Web app development : Banking & Finance

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  • Developed by:Spintadigital
  • Sector:Banking Sector
  • Skills: Materialize/Jquery/CSS3/HTML5
  • Client: ICICI BANK

Renowned banking service, ICICI Bank UK has a wide range of web API’s and mobile API’s to help make their customer journey better. As a part of their safe and secure internet banking schemes, ICICI bank UK decided to invest in the creation of online forms for opening user accounts.
Spinta’s technology team were entrusted with the objective of creating an user interface design for a “web form” that can ease the process of opening a savings account online for ICICI’s new customers.


Project Info:

This is a case study of how Spinta Digital, hybrid marketing company based in India has helped its ICICI Bank U.K., with their web solutions. The following document contains our client objectives, their goals and how Spinta Digital has helped achieve their goal through digital transformation techniques.


ICICI’s group of inspectors were insisting on the following major criteria when it comes to their web form.

Our mobility solutions for NSDC, India is incorporated with the following features

Interface should be easy-to-read and understand.
User navigation should be easy.
Customer experience should be met.
Interface must look neat and go with the theme colour.

Keeping these requirement in mind, Spinta’s technology team invested in the following technologies to design the web form.

Sneak Peak of our UI Design. An Overview of the form.