Ultimately aiming for your monthly recurring revenue (MRR)—and ARR—growth as your North Star.

Spinta Digital has worked with multiple SaaS companies in scaling their customer acquisition, converting them to paying customers as well as implementing strategies to increase customer retention

SaaS Marketing is unique and needs understanding
Some of the key metrics we focus on are:

Customer Acquisition


Signup to
paid conversion

Churn rate

Net Promoter Score (NPS)


Annual contract value

Marketing sourced revenue

Top of the funnel leads

Number of active trials

Lead velocity rate

refokus webflow tools


Discovery Meeting
Let’s get the ball rolling!
At this phase, we will discuss:  
(1) your goals
(2) your products or services and
(3) your customers.
This will enable us to optimize the website for effective conversion and your branding.
UX Design + Content Strategy
Time to structure your baby*
We will design the skeletal structure (wireframes) of the site to better craft the user experience and understand what content will best communicate your product or service.
*no baby is harmed in making websites
Visual Design (UI)
Let’s ignite your brand!
We will be translating our structure into your desired visual direction that successfully communicates your brand and products or service.
Webflow Development
Bringing our ideas to life!
It’s time to create your desired responsive website using Webflow’s custom build & web design system. We will then integrate Webflow’s CMS to enable easy updates.
Launching +Training
Release it to the world...
We will go over the things you need to know about your website with 1-on-1 training to get you equipped. And at last, it’s time to launch your baby to the world!
User Persona
step 1
Create detailed user personas for the decision makers as well as influencers for your SaaS company

Map the user journey for each of these persona and create communication for every stage of the user journey.
step 2
Analyse your direct and indirect competitors to identify opportunities to position and promote your SaaS product
Keywords and
Content Analysis
step 3
Analyse the money keywords and the type of content that resonates with your target audience.
Search Engine
step 4
Building qualitative backlinks that help in bring qualitative traffic and that helps in ranking keywords through search engine optimisation 

Creating content and optimising it based on targeted keywords that provides valuable information to the audiences and at the same time helps ranking on search engines.
Content Strategy
and Marketing
step 5
Creating a content strategy with content pillars to provide value based information that’s engaging. 

Create multiple blogs to add more value to the content pillar  

Distribution of content through multiple channels to get more eye balls on the content 

Optimise the content for targeted keywords
Online Reviews
step 5
Promoting the SaaS product on multiple review and software comparison sites to attract low hanging fruits.
step 5
Creating ads across platforms such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin and others to create brand awareness, generate sign ups etc.
Social Media
step 5
Creating designs and copies that position your brand to your followers across social media channels 

Increase followers, and follower engagement.

Creating thought leadership content to increase positive brand perception
step 5
Set up affiliate marketing, and create assets for promoters to be able to promote the brand across to their network and followers.
step 5
Marketing automation, Analytics, Conversion tracking codes etc.
step 5
Create partnership with brands that are complementors - companies that have your target audience and do not compete with you. 

Create campaigns to build more partners, and create collaterals and nurturing sequences for the partners to be able to generate more sign ups.
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