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App Store Optimization Company In India

Tailored App Store Optimization to improve the discoverability of your app (Play Store and App Store). Our techniques are drafted to improve your app's ranking on Google Play Store/App Store and increase the downloads.


Our app store optimization technique first starts with a keyword analysis of your app. We discover your app's features and and analyze how different ideas can be implemented to market it.

ON-PAGE App Store Optimization

Our on-page optimization strategies collaborate content with keywords to bring out the best optimal phrases that can be used to described and rank your app on app store.

OFF-PAGE App Store Optimization

Off Page optimization strategies predominantly focus on improving and maintaining your app's review and ratings on the app store.


App Localization techniques involve optimization of your app in a way as to help customize and tailor it to meet users globally.


We have made our ASO Services available on all Major Platforms

The availability of apps on various platforms like i-Tunes, Windows and Google is increasing rapidly. Owing to this, it is being difficult for various mobile app publishers to generate popularity, downloads and ratings for their app. Furthermore, with this increase in availability of options, it’s also hard to to rely simply on the quality and usability of you app alone. A lot of marketers employ SEO techniques to improve the visibility of their website. Similarly, when it comes to building of apps, publishers must use ASO strategy to improve your app’s ranking and its overall success on the app store. At Spinta Digital, our team of app store optimization specialist understand the prominence of devising tailored strategies to rank your mobile app..

What is our ASO Process?.

ASO Content Audit

Spinta Digital's ASO content audit will analyze all the factors which will influence the traffic for your app on both Google Play and also App Store.

ASO Content Audit

Spinta Digital's ASO content audit will analyze all the factors which will influence the traffic for your app on both Google Play and also App Store.

Google Play Store Optimization (Android App)

Optimization of your Android App on the Google Play Store requires high quality keywords inserted in the content. Our team of ASO specialist help in addressing this need for your app.

Maintaining APP's Interest Among Users

At Spinta Digital, we believe in the importance of maintaining your app's interest among users. Our core team will be available to help guide you on how you can maintain your app's interest rate among the target audience.

App Rating

App discovery and downloads increase as your app's ratings increases. Higher the ratings, great it is to get your app noticed on the app store.

App Performance (Downloads)

App downloads is an important phenomenon in the entire app store optimization strategy. Spinta Digital's ASO experts help clients to attract and maintain your app's performance on the store.

App Store Traffic

The main purpose of ASO optimization is to drive more traffic to your app. Be it indexing, downloads, brand value etc. Spinta Digital's team of experts help you achieve it.

App Reports and Analytics

We provide a holistic report of your app's performance in both Play Store and App Store. The analytics and report help you understand how your app is performing and how the downloads are shaping up.

App Store Metrics

We understand your app's current target audience and analyze how different app store metrics can help you gauge your app's performance and ranking.


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