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Whats an SEO Audit ?

Get to know how your website performs in reality !

An SEO Audit will analyze, measure, and report on major factors influencing organic search engine rankings. SEO SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) will help you measure the search engine friendliness of your website in a number of areas. Doing an SEO audit for your website not only focusses on primary issues and challenges that need improvement on priority basis but will also provide custom recommendations for client-side execution in the form of a SEO road map to fix your site.

How does Spinta Digital’s SEO Audit work?

There are certain checklists for which your website will be ranked and analysed. With our free SEO audit you can evaluate your website’s strengths and weakness and even get consulted on some of the recommendations of what needs to be fixed and what has to be changed in order to increase the performance of your website in search engines.

A common mistake what most companies do in SEO audit is that they look for various online tools to do the SEO Audit. While there are various tools you can use to SEO audit a website, the best approach is to either do the auditing with professionals or by using a experienced guide (like the one you are reading now) or by hiring an SEO auditor to do the work for you.

What are some of the results to expect in SEO Audit?

The most important checklist in an SEO audit is to analyse in detail how your website is performing in search, social media, number of internal and external links. In short, a detailed description of the current state of your website and any other information related to your website’s existing state will be given. With our free SEO audit, a list of actions based on a SEO audit checklist along with explanations for each and every pointers in the list will also be provided along with a report describing a complete online marketing strategy with possible available sources of traffic and opportunities on the Internet will be given. Besides getting a detailed report, SEO audit will also help understand in detail whether you are earning qualified inbound links from reputable sites or including Alt Txt for on-page images.

What are some of the key elements in a SEO audit?

Some of the key elements in SEO audit include:

(i) Backlinking competitive analysis - which helps you assess the quality of your backlinks and compare them with your competitor;
(ii) Content audit analysis- to determine if unique and relevant meta descriptions, meta keywords, SEO friendly URLs, title tags and other attributes are included;
(iii) Content keyword analysis - of how Google interprets your website based on the content provided on your site; Site speed analysis to assess the speed of your website and ways to improve it and
(iv) Social Sharing Button Analysis- to determine whether you’ve included social media sharing icons on your blogs and other pages of your website.
(v) Toxic link Analysis- Getting your website SEO audited also helps you determine whether you’re receiving toxic links, i.e links from bad neighborhoods such as link farms and spammy directories
(vi) Duplicate Content Analysis- helps you determine whether there’s more than one version of a web page indexed by Google.
(vii) Broken link Analysis- to rectify the broken links and improve the user experience while visiting the site.
(viii) Javascript test analysis- to assess whether content on your website still appears when Javascript is disabled.

Why I need to audit my site?

Besides the above mentioned key elements in getting your website SEO audited there are many advantages to it.

Determining current SEO weaknesses - identifying SEO activities that aren’t performing well by discovering that you haven’t included relevant meta descriptions or keywords, social media sharing buttons, or targeted keywords on your webpages. You may also discover that you have duplicate content, relatively slow site speed, or poisonous inbound links directing to your website. Discovering these issues is the first step in implementing a successful SEO strategy and this can be sorted out by doing an SEO analysis

Identify the strength of your competitors - it also helps in analysing and discover SEO activities of competitors which are doing well in the market. It helps in understanding the links earned by competitors from qualified and relevant websites, achieving relatively fast website speed and including proper attributes in their websites. This discovery helps you find ways to improve your own SEO performance.

Focus Your SEO Strategy - After a detailed analysis and identifying the key points of your website you can focus and strategize the plans for the website based on the findings. Once you’ve identified SEO activities you’re performing well in, you can focus your energy on improving these areas.

Why Choose Us?

Spinta Digital, is a SEO company based in Chennai, India. Employed with a team of experts in the field of holistic Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, the recommendations and professional guide in our manual audit are specific to your website and are not generic like the feedback you receive using online tools.

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