Spinta Digital @ India First Tech Startup 2022

India First Tech Startup Conclave and Awards 2022

IndiaFirst Tech Start-up series is an initiative of AICRA to encourage technology startups and AICRA members to work together in creating beneficial partnerships. It brings together the speakers- including entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, consultants, policy-makers, academicians, support groups etc to supercharge youth empowerment and new age tech business ideas’ growth.


  • The event saw the presence of various leading business leaders and industry stalwarts across industries sharing their insights on innovation. 

Vinodh Ramakannan, CEO and founder- Spinta Digital  talked about how tech-led innovation and the scope of integrating the same across industries in order to scale and grow sustainably.

Take away:

Tech innovations power the fabric of social innovation in the country. This event addressed a wide variety of finer nuances belonging to understanding, integrating and harnessing technology for human development. The takeaways pertaining to the challenges and the aspirations in the larger startup ecosystem proved particularly insightful and relevant to the work that we do at Spinta Digital.

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