Spinta Digital @ E4M Delhi 2022

E4M Delhi 2022!

E4M Delhi is a unique D2C platform that acts as a melting pot of marketers, executives, innovators, challengers, investors, developers, and media. It equips various stakeholders to learn, network, discover new technologies, explore new opportunities while addressing growth, omni-channel, retail, branding, performance marketing and retention.


  • Various eminent thought leaders were representing brands from all over the country, across a wide array of industries. 

Vinodh Ramakannan, CEO and founder- Spinta Digital on various facets of the D2C ecosystem ranging from funding, scaling, growth and supply chain that concerns the dynamic challenges pertaining to this industry.

Take away:

With various brands vying to occupy a steady place in the D2C market, the steady undercurrents of innovation and iterations have become an integral part of the ecosystem. The event proved to be a great opportunity for Spinta Digital to exchange powerful insights, along with understanding the role of marketing, operations, customer experience and organisation building in the D2C context.

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