Unified approach to a student
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Digital marketing solutions for higher education programs.

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Education program marketing solutions to schools.

Spinta Digital offers unified education program marketing services to schools and institutes. We offer digital marketing solutions for higher education and offer seamless integration of engagement and nurturing via our approach. We follow a modular approach where we start by identifying your target personas, reaching out to these prospects, nurturing them with engagement strategies and converting these leads into student enrolments. We specialise in creating profound inbound marketing solutions for schools. We will be discussing our inbound marketing solutions shortly, but before that, here’s a small understanding of our education program marketing process.
  • Identifying target personas
  • Reaching out to target audience
  • Engagement and nurturing strategies
  • Student enrolment into programs

Lifecycle of a student journey for enrolment
using inbound marketing solutions.

Target Personas

Identifying your target audiences

Understand the nature of your target audience and classify them according to their age, gender, geo, educational background, domain and interest. Perform initial research of the “program” that you are going to market for and understand the kind of audience group that you would be looking for successful enrolment. Identify these target personas and segment them categorically. This way, you devise customized inbound marketing strategies to reach these audience groups.

Reaching out to Prospects

Branding + attracting traffic to your website

After identifying your target personas, the next step is to build your student list. Use optimized digital marketing solutions that helps to increase traffic to your website/landing page that explains your program. Brand your webpage with simple, outreach campaigns like PPC Campaigns, Social Media Advertising, Social Selling, Email prospecting and drip marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing etc.

Engagement & Nurturing

Connect with prospects to pique interest

Devise optimized engagement strategies to nurture your inbound traffic. Engagement and nurturing are extremely interesting strategies that can be implemented for higher education marketing; due to their ability to interact and connect with prospects. In terms of digital marketing for higher educational institutes, the following strategies are implemented in the engagement and the nurturing stage :- Newsletters, sequential drip marketing mailers, social media marketing, webinars, LIVE web sessions, podcasts and content marketing.


Provide successful matriculation into programs

When it comes to marketing for programs by school, conversion is usually measured in terms of student enrolment. Our unified education program marketing process ensures that students are not only engaged and nurtured from our campaigns but also result in successful matriculation to your programs. We assist them with sales follow ups, email follow ups and relevant information fed from time to time to help them in successful matriculation of your program.


Our Process


  • Audience personas
  • Website development
  • Landing page development
  • Content/articles/blogs/e-books
  • Optins and CRM
  • On Page SEO


  • PPC advertising
  • Social advertising
  • Social selling
  • Social media marketing
  • Email prospecting & drip campaigns
  • SEO


  • Weekly newsletters
  • Social media updates
  • Email campaigns
  • Remarketing ads
  • Webinar promotions


  • Closing emails
  • Sales followups
  • Relevant mailers on upcoming events.

Universities we have worked with

vit univ

Together, lets work to increase your student enrolment.