Digital Marketing Solutions : Software Company

  • Developed by:Spintadigital
  • Sector:Software Solution
  • Skills: CMS/E-commerce/ERP/CRM/Apps/Portal
  • Client: Euro Exim Bank

Syngco is primarily an IT SUPPORT service , located in London and they have an office in Borehamwood,UK. They provide IT service ,cloud service and digital marketing.They also offer ONE-STOP FULL- SERVICE to ensure a quick and smooth implementation in all areas of an SME’s business process from Business IT Support, Software Development, Hardware, Licensing and Telecommunication requirements.


An overview of the website designed for Syngco

Software Development

Sample of Syngco - Designed by Spinta Digital

Product Development

Project Info:

This is a case study of how Spinta Digital, hybrid marketing company based in India has helped its “Software Solution” client - Syngco in empowering their digital transformation. The following document contains our client objectives, their goals and how Spinta Digital has helped achieve their goal through digital transformation techniques.

Objectives Spinta Digital’s team of hybrid professionals were entrusted with embedding their sector into the digital spectrum. Our major contribution was indulged into expanding their domain into the digital space including - Web Solutions, Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Email Marketing.

Web Solutions

We were first and foremost entrusted with providing web solutions for Syngco. After a detailed discussion with their management, we understood their objectives and how they want to convey their platform to the audience. Our web experts finalized on using “Joomla” to create their website.
At its root, we always believed that Syngco’s website should carry the following characteristics imperatively.

Easy to navigate user interface.
Legible content that helps users understand what the sector is all about.
Neat and tidy outlook to help users navigate around
Proper contact forms and latest updates on what’s happening on the banking and finance sector.

Lead Generation

Our next agenda was to embark on the lead generation domain for Syngco. Keeping in mind their main goal - to collect users interested in IT Service, we strategized a Linkedin marketing solution that could help embark them in this journey.
Our team of executives handled the following spectrum of Linkedin Marketing.

Individual profile monitoring on LinkedIn.
Online reputation management of profiles and company prospectus on LinkedIn.
Private interaction with leads to expand business via LinkedIn.
Market the sector through articles on LinkedIn Pulse.
Share news, updates and corporate stories via Slideshare.

Search Engine Optimization

Spinta’s team of SEO analyst were entrusted with the optimization of Syngco‘s website. Our team performed the following.

Keyword analysis for IT Service cloud service and digital marketing.
Generation of SEO optimized content to go with the website.
On-Page SEO optimization for the web page.
Off-Page SEO optimization for the brand.
Book-marking and directory submission for the brand.

Social Media Marketing
Designed infographics and other social media posts that was to be shared in their platforms.
Handled online reputation management for Syngco on social media channels.
Managed the following social channels - Facebook, Twitter, SlideShare and LinkedIn.
Developed selective and relevant hashtags like - #syngco, #IT service etc.
Managed their Google+ profile.
Handled client interaction and response to queries on their Facebook page.
Sharing seasonal greetings and events online with relevant hashtags.

Content Marketing

Integrated blog for Syngco to enable content marketing.
Composed SEO optimized content to help drive traffic through online mediums.
Distributed content in various platforms including -, Medium, Pulse and
Worked on Guest Post submission.
Provided backlinks for SEO generation process.

Email Marketing

Emailed leads grabbed from LinkedIn profile monitoring.
Sent weekly updates on Finance and Trading to users.
Distributing blogs through email marketing
Softwares used - (Mailchimp and Send Blaster).


Syngco has been one of our major clients. Their constant feedback and interaction with our team has helped us deliver our results on time and with precision. Interacting and working for them has been an absolute delight for our team.