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Digital Marketing for Hospitals

Work with us to connect with the digital world. Here’s how our digital transformation services can help your industry


Brand your dental clinic with our high-end technical and marketing solutions.


Strategizing digital presence for pharmaceutical industries. Take a look at our case study here.

Independent Docs

Helping independent doctors grow their presence through the digital medium.


Helping healthcare consumers and patients seek out health information through digital media.

Beauty & Wellness

Digital services to create an amazing online presence to reach out to the consumers.


Strategizing the right digital strategy to bring visibility to your private clinic.

Our services

Mobility solutions
Having mobility solutions in the healthcare solutions result in increased productivity, overall efficiencies and cost savings. We deliver solutions that puts an entire emergency network in the palm of your hand and reduces response time by 20 to 30%. A provide remarkable and successful mobility solutions where we know that every second counts.
Web solutions
We create responsive website designs that are good on SEO rankings and content management systems. At Spinta, we understand the user behaviour and create websites that provide clear navigation throughout, enabling good online experience for the users every time they land on the site. This in turn results in better conversions. The website we create are compatible on all devices, whatever the device your patients are viewing your website on.
Digital Marketing solutions
We work in bringing the healthcare brands come alive with digital marketing services that you can trust. We work with hospitals, healthcare agencies, doctors, surgeons and other allied health professionals.We focus on outcomes, which makes us genuinely different to most other agencies. We combine strategy, creative and technical expertise to deliver great results for our clients and their service users and we’re able to prove it.


A patient suffering from a toothache, scans through the web related services to find out the nearest dentist available. It is impossible to reach out to these patients without a strong digital presence. A good strategy and web related service is what takes to reach out to the right patients at the right time.
Today most of the pharma industries are concerned about having a digital presence to reach out to the digital world. Consumers today also expect the industry to be visible in social media as they are active social beings. As per a recent research it is understood that an average human spends more hours researching for medicines and health information in net than consulting the concerned person directly. Having a good digital strategy helps to be visible in platforms when the audience search for it
Independent doctors
The thought that most of the doctors have about digital services is that, how it would help in rendering their services to patients. While the services related to digital transformation does not give direct help to the doctors and the patients, it helps in branding right to the right set of audience. Besides branding themselves, digital and technological services helps the doctors to be visible to their patients and enables them to know more about them. With right strategies and campaigns the specialities of the doctors can be promoted and be reached out to patients needing them.
According to a research data, 72% of internet users look online, for health information and data related to health services. Their first round of research for health care services begin at search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. What these statistics show is that healthcare consumers and patients are increasingly seeking out health information through digital media. Hence, creating a good online platform and visibility will build credibility among the target audience.
Beauty and Wellness
These days, one can easily find beauty and wellness related services very often and the competition has become huge due to the rising competition in this market. Customers usually look online for beauty related services for options and it is imperative to have a good online presence to reach out to these audiences. Digital services aid in keeping up the business updated on current trends and technologies and by doing so it helps building credibility to reach out to the right set of audience and carve a niche in the market.
Building an online presence for your clinic is as important as as equipping your clinic with the latest technological equipments. In a recent study, it is stated that having a good digital presence for your clinic doubles the chance of building new client relationships as well as retaining the old ones. The trust level of the customers increases with a well built online presence as the customers have full visibility to client testimonials and get more information regarding the clinic and their success stories. When it comes to health and wellness, most of the clients start the background research online. Thus, it is imperative to have an online presence and be visible to clients when they search for you.


Q. Why is digital marketing the need of the hour for Healthcare industries?

According to a recent survey, it is stated that the bigger challenge faced by the health industry is to retain their existing customers besides finding new ones. With the growing competition in the industry, mandatory to stand out in the market and be updated with the latest technology and trends to stand out in this rising competition.

Q.How will digital marketing enable better leads for dentistry?

There used to be a time, when a patient suffering from a toothache used to scan through the pages of Yellow Pages to find the dearest dentist, within which the toothache used to go from bad to worse. Today, the world runs on connected mobile services and technology supported by search engines. A patient can now simply open their laptop to find the nearest dentist within seconds.

Q.What are the digital services that would be useful for Healthcare industry?

More people use web related services to do their research and to purchase goods or services. At this scenario, it is important to connect with the world and this is impossible if one does have a good online presence. A successful online presence is not restricted to having an attractive website alone but is more inclined to having a good strategy plan, active campaigns and a good social media presence. Industries that have digital services like Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and campaigns have more visibility than those who don’t.
(i)Search engines are used by 77% of the patients before booking appointments.
(ii)Search drives nearly 3 times as many visitors to hospital sites as compared to the number of visitors from other affiliate / referral sites.
(iii)44% of patients schedule an appointment who research hospitals on a mobile device.
(iv)The decision process is empowered by digital content.