We help you understand the need to market your business using online platforms.

Why should media firms be marketed online?

Media is the highest grossing sector in today’s market and it is said that the annual revenue made by this industry grosses many million. This is an industry which needs constant upgradation and keep up with latest trends in promoting their content and catch their viewer’s attention. At present, the media industry has been extended to various other segments like television, music, film making, animation, photography, radio, publishing and many others. Be it shows or movies, different strategies and platforms are needed to promote the content individually based on the research, analysis and reach of these content.

One common mistake most of the big banner production houses or movies do is assuming the content would sell off on leveraging on the big names of cast and crew. Though big banner production houses need no online marketing to promote their content, online campaigns and digital marketing have become an inevitable part in today’s marketing world. Let’s take a look at some of Spinta’s digital marketing and technology services that will benefit the various facets of media industry.


The latest trend in promoting a movie is developing a mobile app or website of their own. Developing gaming apps work best for periodical movies and for characters that are supernatural. For televisions, app development also helps the viewers to track their favourite shows and movies in channels. Television channels can make great use of this technological advancement as their viewers need not grumble of missing their favourite shows and movies. Web series too are a popular trend now and with digital advancements viewers get to watch any episode at any time they want. Some of our technological services to match the industry’s needs include mobile app development, web development, virtual reality and technological consulting.


Some of our digital marketing services are carefully devised to match the industry's needs. Services that benefit this industry are social media marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, video marketing, search engine optimization and digital consultancy. We also devise strategic online campaigns to ensure effective results and successful engagement of audience.

How can we benefit you

Social Media Marketing

We create Facebook pages and Youtube channels to promote the movie content and target the audience online. Facebook is a great platform to reach out to the target audience, as most of our demographics are active on this platform. As per the recent stats, 74% of our target group have social media profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Social media marketing has been proved effective in sharing content like video promos, first look posters and teasers. Fans usually seek these mediums to get the latest updates on their favorite shows or movies. Besides sharing content, stars can also go live on Facebook and Instagram to interact with their fans and connect with them on personal level to promote the shows or movies.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most essential form of marketing in media sector. Since the content is in the form of visual elements, the marketing for this form should be done in video platforms. For movies, the first step in creating a successful marketing strategy is to create an hype for the movie. This can be done by creating a first look poster or teaser and promoting it across all channels including YouTube. Cross promotion with other Youtube channels are successful as these forums already have a larger reach and great number of subscribers. Other video contents like behind the scenes or making of the videos, also get maximum reach.

Online campaigns

Stars and cast and crew can be looped in for online contest or interviews for maximum interaction in Facebook and Twitter. Celebrities can be asked to start a hashtag campaign in their official twitter handle and challenge fellow celebrities to take up the challenge or participate in the contest. This creates a buzz in the entertainment world and results in maximum reach and participation.

Content marketing

Audiences are more interested in character description and knowing more about the making and facts involved in the movie. Many online forums like scoop whoop and popxo share content related to the media and entertainment industry. Drafting short write ups about the characters of the movie, locations shot, some did you know facts about the movie, and making of the movie also attract audience’s attention and get maximum shares.


Q. Why is it important to get my visual content published online too?

Most of the target group are active on social media profiles and in today’s busy schedule viewers tend to miss their favourite shows and slots. Thus, getting their content on digital platforms like Hotstar ensures the audience do not miss their favourite shows and movies and can watch them any time they want.

Q.How can technology be used in promoting visual content?

App development is the recent trend in promoting visual content online. It is not only useful in displaying visual content online but also helps the viewers to keep a track of their favourite shows. These apps can also be used for gaming by developing movie characters to app games.

Q.What are some of the strategies used to promote my movie online?

The first step in creating a successful marketing strategy is to create an hype for the movie. This can be done by creating a first look poster or teaser and promoting it across all channels. Making of the movie are also a trend now and needs to be promoted across all channels to get the viewers attention and increase their interest level. Promoting behind the scenes videos and interviews of starts talking about the films will also have good reach.

Q.How can Spinta’s digital marketing services help me improve my content?

Having a good strategy to promote the movie online is as important as having a good script, great screenplay and the best of people in the industry. At Spinta, we do an in depth research and analysis for different types of content and the platforms used to promote them online for the best results and maximum reach. Some strategies we follow are: creating facebook page for the movies and shows and sharing relevant content on these platforms; a small write up or newsletters will be drafted for character highlights and special mentions; sharing of first look videos, teasers and posters on all social media platforms; app development, digital and technological consultancy and promoting content on other platforms.