“By 2020, 60-70% of new car sales leads will be generated by a digital platform be it via websites, mobile sites, social media or apps.” - Frost and Sullivan

Delve into the digital space with
Spinta’s Digital Marketing services for Manufacturing companies.

The role of marketing has changed over the years, and a complete digital strategy is a requisite for digital marketing for manufacturing companies. Most of the companies have started implementing digital marketing services like social media marketing, content marketing and search engine optimization in their marketing practices. However, still many companies in the manufacturing industry are finding it difficult to get used to the latest digital marketing trends in the market. Here is a breakdown of Spinta’s services for Digital Marketing for Manufacturing companies and how these services benefit them.

Search Engine Optimization

When a manufacturing company lacks a digital strategy, it is very likely that it lacks online presence. Most of the customers these days look for information online and if you want your business to be noticed, then it is important to have your online content optimized with effective digital strategy. Your prospective target group would look for information about your company using search engines and one should not ignore the need for optimizing these content for visibility. Digital marketing for manufacturing companies not only help businesses get online visibility and higher rankings in Google, but also increases conversion rate.

Social Media Marketing

When you employ a strategy for digital marketing for manufacturing companies, it is important to have these strategies aligned with your business goals. An important aspect which most manufacturing companies ignore is to leverage on social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin to increase customer interaction. We at Spinta, are here to fill this void with our social media marketing services for manufacturers in the market. Almost 91% of B2B marketers use social networking as these are a great platform for B2B businesses. Creating business profiles in these platforms are a great way to increase brand awareness and attract larger audience by constantly engaging them. Every manufacturing company should have social media marketing as a part of their digital plan to run online campaigns and promote them across all social media channels.

Pay Per Click

We at Spinta, ensure we provide our clients with the best and effective PPC advertising campaign as a part of our digital marketing services for manufacturers and implement it for optimal ROI and greater brand exposure. PPC Management is the ongoing process of building, maintaining and analyzing advertising campaigns at Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini and Facebook Ads to achieve the best results possible.

Content Marketing

Having a well optimized and informative content is necessary for driving traffic to your business in the digital arena. The higher the quality of the content is, the more effective it is in driving traffic. Devising the right content strategy is important in digital marketing for manufacturing companies, as only the right type of content attract the right set of audience and these audiences tend to visit the website only when the content is informative and adds value to their business. At Spinta, our qualified team of professionals ensure proper distribution of content across all platforms.

Marketing Automation

Our marketing automation tools ensure we keep a track of your business performance and carefully monitor and analyse the key metrics of your business. With our marketing automation services, you can gain complete understanding of your visitor’s online behaviour and give them reliable services and improve conversion rates.


Q.Why should manufacturers have digital exposure?

Your competitors are already ruling the market in the digital space. Having a digital strategy not only strengthens your online presence but also gives your business a good conversion rate giving an edge over the others in the industry.

Q.How will digital marketing benefit my business?

Devising a digital strategy that is aligned with your business goals increases the brand awareness of your business, which attracts a larger audience. Digital Marketing for manufacturing company is necessary to capture online traffic and then converting this traffic into business.

Q.Will digital marketing for manufacturers give immediate results?

Any marketing strategy implied in manufacturing sector should be a consistent and continuous process to reap effective results. Digital marketing services like search engine optimization is a long term process and should be implied with proper strategizing and optimization. Other services like social media marketing, content distribution too might not give immediate results but needs to be steady and consistent to direct audience attention to the website.

Q.Will digital marketing have an impact on sales?

Proper digital strategy leads to online visibility and reliability among target group. This in turn leads to conversion of prospective leads to actual customers which increases in sales and promotion of the brand in a cost-effective manner.