2017 is predicted to grow the e-Commerce industry to
a whooping $370 billion- Tech.co

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E-Commerce sector has taken over the traditional means of purchasing and selling goods and services. Thanks to the technology, it has now become the easiest means of transaction. E-commerce sector has evolved from being a promotional platform to creating personalized relationships between marketers and end customers and is the fastest growing sector in the business world generating huge revenue numbers with each passing year. With emerging e-commerce brands, it is important to stand out by providing deeper value for their visitors during their complete shopping experience. Creating a successful marketing strategy is a tricky business for online businesses. Some of the common e-commerce business include apparels, jewellery, food, digital publications and many more. At Spinta, we provide our clients a complete business solution with our digital marketing and technology services. Our services attract more site traffic, convert visitors into customers, increase in repeated purchases and analyses your business rankings by keeping tab on all your competitors. Our services are predominantly categorized into two sections.


Our digital marketing services have enabled many businesses attain optimal results and successful by building their brand in the digital space. Some of our services include inbound marketing, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC campaign management, App Store Optimization and marketing automation. Our services are cost-effective and suit every client type to match their budget and requirements.


Every e-commerce businesses should make use of trending digital services like web design, mobile app development, web development and technological consulting to keep tabs on the latest application and softwares used in the market. Spinta Digital’s e-commerce development solutions are designed to help guide clients build their e-commerce platforms. As a leading web design and web development company we understand the nuance of developing an e-commerce store for our clients.


Q.1. Why are some of the digital services that can be used for e-commerce businesses?

Some of the essential digital services include mobile app development, web development and web design. E-commerce businesses are online businesses and needs better visibility in the online platform. With mobile app development, you will be able to target the right set of audience and also track the visitors and conversions. Our app store optimization also helps our clients to make their apps rank in the playstore and app store platforms so that their visibility increases and more customers engage with the app.

Q.Why choose Spinta’s e-commerce services?

With our expertise in digital services, we ensure that our clients in the e-commerce domain are served with professionals who have an expertise in the field of web application development. We develop full stack e-commerce website for clients right from setting up an online store, to its interface, shopping and a payment gateway - we equip your website completely. We ensure our client’s e-commerce platform is unique, meet their requirements and are completely measured to industry standards and optimized to serve the target group. Our services are also cost-effective and reap maximum results.

Q.What are the main digital marketing services that would be beneficial for e-commerce sectors?

Some of the digital marketing services that needs more importance in e-commerce sector are Social Media Monitoring, content marketing, App Store Optimization and web development. Since e-commerce businesses are online platforms, more visibility is to be created for this business.

Q.What type of e-commerce businesses need digital marketing services?

Since E-commerce businesses comprises of B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, B2A and C2A, a proper strategized and tailor made digital marketing strategy will be devised to suit each of these type. No matter what the business type is, implementing digital marketing strategies in businesses is essential in taking their business a step further.