Did You Know? Banking and Financial institutes are changing rapidly due to
the rise of digital tech and marketing services

Learn how Spinta’s services can help you change the way your business works with our digital tech and marketing services.

With the advent of modern marketing techniques and digital channels the role of financial departments in companies has changed. The rise of digital tech and marketing has altered the way business is being done and this digital revolution has also made an impact on the financial industry as well. Customers these days have become demanding and are easily prone to be changing from one service provider to another. The need to survive in the banking and financial industry have forced the marketers in this industry to evaluate, reiterate their strategies right from prioritizing, strategizing and changing their overall business model.
Implementing advanced digital strategies and technologies are important as they are reliant on customers retention, acquisition and developing great customer relationships need to keep up the pace of competition in the banking and financial world. This is especially useful for financial institutions which are heavily dependent on retention rates and referrals. Some of the digital marketing trends for the banking and financial industry include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, content marketing, Email newsletter marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

As a financial institution, every banking and financial institution’s goal is to be on the first page of Google search results when someone searches for their services online. As per research more than half of your traffic comes through organic search, and creating online visibility is essential for the marketing efforts to be successful. At Spinta, our SEO process involves optimizing pages, using keywords in the meta description, ranking page title and try and build quality backlinks to your page by promoting your content through social media.

Content Marketing

Your target group is looking out for content that answers their queries and explains more about the banking and financial process. They look for brands that answers their questions and provide them value. Publishing articles that interests your target group will help in driving more traffic which further results in building credibility and encourage people to engage with your site. At Spinta, we create lasting value through high-end content that not only hits, but also sticks. We help our clients with a range of content needs like content development, promotion and distribution.

Email Marketing

Email newsletter marketing is an important aspect in digital marketing. For banking and financial institutions, it is important to create opportunities to attain mailing lists. Email campaigns can be setup for communications or any other announcements. These email campaigns can be used to keep people engaged with the brand. Include relevant articles, interesting facts about the industry and send out any important announcements of value to your end customers. customers articles you are producing.

Digital Consulting

At Spinta, we also provide digital consultancy to industries including Banking and Financial institutions. Our digital marketing consultancy services provides our clients with a well defined solid strategy and focuses on driving key business goals for our clients. We give optimal results by elevating clients profile, boosting revenue, increasing efficiency and sales. Digital Consultancy services is a welcoming option for firms that are not looking for outsourcing solutions for their business. It can help provide in-house teams with training and development assistance as well as remove some ad-hoc duties.


Q. How will Spinta’s marketing service help you find out your potential audience?

There is a sea of conversations related to banking and finance available online. At Spinta, we help you target these groups who are actually in need of your services or products. With proper strategy, we give you the opportunities to convert these prospects rather than sending cold emails to unknown prospects. We build the right strategy for every business type to target the right set of audience and increase in conversion rates.

Q.What are some of the digital marketing services that benefit my business

Some of the digital marketing services like marketing automation, content marketing and social media marketing helps in reaching out to the target group and provide them with better understanding of your products and services. These services help in targeting them directly and keeping them engaged with your content.

Q.What are some of the exclusive digital marketing services for banking and finance?

At Spinta, we help you in identifying your influencers who can build credibility and influence your potential group. A good review from these influencers is worth more than spending for advertisements. Our other services also include monitoring your social media profiles, engaging with your audiences, providing valuable information through these online channels.