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Digital Marketing for Educational Institutes

Why Choose Spinta Digital for your educational institute?
Spinta’s services are predominantly divided into two major sectors : Technology and Marketing.


Spinta team of technical experts have helped provide technological solutions to Universities, Institutes and Educational Consultants. Spinta’s has provided its mobility solutions to top-tier universities like SRM University, Chennai and VIT University Chennai.
Mobility Solutions | Web Solutions | Web Maintenance


Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertisng, Mobile Advertising and Display Advertising.

Why should we collaborate?


Spinta’s digital solutions are comparatively cost-effective. We believe in providing services that suit your objective. Our inbound marketing strategies are devised and delivered keeping in mind your requirements and educational goals.

Measurable results

Our digital services are branched into SEO, social media, content marketing, digital advertising, mobile solutions, web maintenance and support. We apply different tools and techniques and our campaigns are always trackable.


We offer quick feedback to any number of queries. Our feedbacks are not just limited to educational clients but to monitoring students online too.

Brand Awareness

At Spinta, we develop strategies to increase brand awareness for educational institutions.


Q. Why should educational institutes choose digital transformation?

“Education” is an extremely vibrant and challenging sector especially since you deal with different sets of audience every year. Studies have shown that 93% of students (India) have access to the internet and on an average, spend up to 3-4 hours on the internet. Interestingly, 83% of Indian students use the internet while commuting. This means that traditional marketing techniques like billboards, TV ads and newspaper inserts are a thing of the past. To reach out to these vibrant set of audiences, educational sectors have to transform themselves digitally.

Q.How can Spinta Digital’s mobility solutions help?

Mobile devices have made the world smaller for students. Spinta’s mobility solutions have helped top-tier institutes in India like SRM University, VIT University, Campus Management venture into their mobility domain to make campus / student life easier and manageable.

Q.Are mobility solutions helpful for the Education industry?

Studies have shown that 83% of students in India predominantly spend 3-4 hours with mobile and laptops (commute and at home). This means, educational institutions that adapt to creative digital teaching methods can make a student’s life more easy, productive and manageable. Interactive mobile learning solutions have been gaining huge popularity off-late and with upcoming digital spectrum, we at Spinta truly believe in this revolutionary change in the Educational Sector.

Q.What is the role of digital marketing in Education sector?

Educational institutions can have a proliferated growth by investing themselves into Digital Marketing strategies. It is clearly understood that educational institutes deal with different set of audiences every year , this naturally means, branding (on online media) is extremely essential especially since it helps you attract the students crowd

Q.What kind of services does spinta provide for the Educational Sector?

Spinta’s digital transformational services have been categorized in two different domains - Technology and Marketing.
Our technological services include - Mobile Solutions, Web Solutions and Maintenance. On the other hand, our digital marketing solutions include - SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing) , Online Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Digital Advertising.To know more, contact us.