Did You Know? “Only 1% of site visitors will fill out a lead form online”.

It is important for brands to go the extra step and re-engage 99% of shoppers after they leave.

Digital Marketing for Automobile Industry

We at Spinta, are here to help you out to build your business in the digital world. Our dynamic marketing approach continuously monitors your campaigns. Our marketing services have helped businesses achieve their target goals and improve their digital presence. Here are 7 digital strategies to be considered at the very beginning of the search journey all the way through to the final purchase.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is now one of the most commonplace methods of marketing online. Automobile dealers benefit from this kind of marketing for their website, and drive potential customers to their dealerships. Consumers do their first round of research across digital channels and dealers must go digital to target and acquire new auto customers. Research by shows that 40% of consumers immediately go to search engines when starting the car-buying process. A dealership’s online presence is a huge factor in determining success at this initial point in the purchase journey. Strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies will ensure that car-buyers can find your dealership in search results. A comprehensive SEO strategy should include your website, keyword optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, link building, online reputation management and quality content.

Online Reviews

Studies show that, a huge percentage of car buyers turn to online review sites before making a purchase. Statistics states that, 70% of car buyers’ s decision making process is influenced by the online dealership reviews and decide where they choose to go. Additionally, 24% consider review sites to be the “most helpful” factor when it comes to making purchase decisions. A major factor in handling online reviews is to be sure to keep monitoring them and quickly respond to negative reviews, and continuously encourage your customers to leave reviews about their purchase experience.

Mobility solutions

Your website, content, and marketing messages must all be optimized for mobile. When a consumer visits a page that is not mobile-friendly, they will quickly leave in search of a competitor who can deliver an optimized mobile experience. 63% of car shoppers examine merchandise online via mobile while physically shopping at an auto lot. Based on the increasing use of mobile throughout the purchase journey, having an optimised mobility solutions from initial research to final purchase increases the rate of sales for automobile dealers. Having mobile apps is an excellent way to provide dealer information and to reach out to your customers 24/7.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing plays a major role in decision making factors in automobile dealerships. According to the CMO council, 1 in 4 car buyers talks about buying a new car on social media and 38% say they will consult social sites before they purchase a vehicle. 84% of automotive shoppers are on Facebook, and 24% of them have used Facebook as a resource for making their vehicle purchases. It is also observed that most of the target group reach to online groups and communities to seek guidance and review in purchasing a new car or bike.


In addition to having a social presence and interacting on social platforms, consumers can be targeted with extreme precision through advertising. If just beginning with paid advertising on social, a great place to begin is on Facebook. Facebook Ads help in targeting consumers based on their interests and likes and by a range of demographics such as age, income, geographic location, gender, and more.

Online Video

Online video marketing is becoming a huge trend. Posting videos can boost engagement and interest in dealerships by displaying inventory and information where most consumers research first, making your dealership the go-to place for interested car shoppers. According to a study by Google, 64% of people who used YouTube while buying a car were influenced by the videos more than TV, newspapers, or magazines.


Q. How Technology can help Car Dealers in Marketing?

Mobile Apps Increase Dealer Revenues
Mobile websites are an excellent vehicle for providing dealer information. To deepen relationships with your clients and foster new sales, the branded mobile app, is the best all-in-one solution.

Customer Solution
Auto Dealer App allows you to reach your customer 24/7 via a free downloadable smartphone app. Once installed, all tasks regarding your customer’s vehicle become automated and personalized.

Dealer Solution
While you occupy prime real estate on your customer’s phone, you can send sales, service or parts promotions, special coupons, detailed service reminders and offer loyalty programs.

Q.When you choose Spinta as your tech partner, you choose,

(i)A value added partner who is customer focused.
(ii)A proven track record of almost 20 years of satisfied customers.
(iii)An expert specialized in enterprise, dealer and aftermarket offerings.
(iv)A best-practices compliant firm.

Industries Services

Q. Why Invest in a Branded Mobile App?

There are many reasons to invest in Auto Dealer App here are just a few,
(i)Deepen analytics & insight into customer behavior.
(ii)Provide superior, customized service.
(iii)Use geo-fencing for targeted digital campaigns.
(iv)Provide a seamless user experience through smartphone features.
(v)Send mobile coupons which are redeemed at 10X the rate of traditional ones.
(vi)Provide ease of access to 2 out of 3 customers who are already researching cars using their smartphones.

Q. How can Social Media Marketing be useful in automobile dealership?

Social media is a hugely important way for the automotive industry to connect with new car buyers. Not only is social media full of real-time purchase indicators, but dealers can use social to build brand loyalty, improve the customer experience, and influence purchase decisions. When using social channels, be sure to share plenty of engaging content on different social channels, post pictures of inventory, engage in conversations on your social pages, monitor social reviews, and have your contact information easily accessible (location, hours, e-mail, and phone)