Syngco is an IT support service provider and has diversified to specialize in ERP support to large and small businesses around the world.

They offer services to ensure the quick and smooth implementation of solutions across all areas of Business IT support and software.

The Goal

Spinta Digital thrive in making the impossible a reality. Here’s how Spinta transformed Syngco’s digital marketing journey. 

Goal 1

The primary goal remained the expansion of Syngco’s domain into the digital space 

Goal 2

They were responsible for the handling of Syngco’s marketing strategy across platforms

Platned Syngco Client Case Study Image. The image has short notes on the problems faced by - Problems and Pains - Spinta Digital - Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai.

The Solution & Outcome

After having worked with the Spinta team for over 5 years, Syngco was able to achieve the following.

Web Solutions

  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • Legible content that helps users understand what the sector is all about
  • Neat and tidy outlook to help users navigate 
  • Proper contact forms and the latest updates on what’s happening on the banking and finance sector
  • Lead Generation

LinkedIn Marketing

  • Individual profile monitoring on LinkedIn
  • Online reputation management of profiles and company prospectus on LinkedIn
  • Private interaction with leads to expand business via LinkedIn
  • Market the sector through articles on LinkedIn Pulse
  • Share news, updates and corporate stories via Slide share

Content Marketing

  • Integrated blogs for Syngco to enable content marketing
  • Composed SEO optimised content to help drive traffic through online mediums
  • Distributed content across varied platforms including – Scoop it, Medium, Pulse and Visually
  • Worked on Guest Post submissions
  • Provided back links for SEO generation processes

Email Marketing

  • Emailed leads grabbed from LinkedIn profile monitoring
  • Sent weekly updates on Finance and Trading to users
  • Distributing blogs through email marketing
  • Software's used – Mailchimp and Send Blaste

A few words from, Saminda, CTO, Syngco

“Spinta Digital has a balanced combination of digital marketing and technology professionals which is great, since we had requirements that had to be fulfilled in both fields. As a client,  my journey so far with the team has been phenomenal."

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