Radheys Couture

Radheys Couture

Traditional. Timeless. Woven for success.

When Radhey’s approached us, they didn’t have a problem but rather a goal. A newly established online boutique, they wanted to make premium, stylish clothing affordable and accessible for all. 

We realized that Radhey’s needed a young and vibrant audience, as diverse as their collection. And what better way to reach them than Instagram?

Activities Involved

Here’s how we stole the show

We started with 2000 followers, and today, we are at 69.8K followers on Instagram.

Growth Rate - 97%

How did we crack the Instagram Algorithm ?

Understanding the target psyche is the key! We figured for a brand like Radhey’s, what will work best is to show how the brand helps you transform yourself. What collaborated with fashionistas, influencers, and budding models to doll up on Radhey’s best collection.

Adding beauty to your beauty!

Did our customers come back?


To stay on top of their minds, we set up dedicated nurturing sequences that intimated customers about offers, discounts, and regular updates.

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