Radheys Couture

Radheys Couture

Radheys couture is a contemporary clothing brand that depicts the beauty of silk through its authentic and diverse designs.

The journey began 8 months ago when Mrs. Nithya was inspired by the diversity that contemporary styled silk outfits brought to the table. And thus was born Radhey's, a silk boutique that aspires to change the way people perceive silk fashion. Radhey's aims to deliver statement Indian ethnic wear that is unique, diverse and continues to break the glass ceiling in today's ever changing world of fashion.


However, Radheys also faced a number of challenges along the way.

  • The growing consumerism and the creation of a unique brand experience
  • Establishing brand differentiation strategies in competitive markets
  • Shifting consumer preferences on a frequent basis, needed the creation and design of outfits that are in line with recent trends
  • Optimisation of the ‘Cost per Acquisition’ rates in competitive markets

Solution & Outcome

Radhey's Couture decided to take a leap of faith and entered into a 12-month contract with Spinta Digital. As a result, in the last 7 months, they were able to:

  • Develop a constructive Marketing Plan and Campaign Strategy 
  • Sufficiently increase Radhey's brand visibility on multiple levels
  • Establish their Digital Brand Presence through the launch of their official website in just 2 days
  • Generate and increase website traction on to their official website
  • Enable email marketing through the right prospecting of data
  • Create and promote targeted Google and Facebook Ads to the right audiences
  • Increase Customer Engagement through the development of fruitful customer relationships
  • Increase their Instagram followers to about 15k organically
  • Generate 500+ in sales through promotions across varied digital platforms
  • Partnered with  25+ micro influencer's leading to higher conversion rates

A few words from Mrs Nithya, Founder, Radheys Couture

When I approached Spinta Digital 7 months ago, we were just a startup hoping to grow our brand and establish a name for ourselves. But now, 7 months hence, I’m overjoyed with the kind response we’ve got and the community we’ve managed to build. The team knew the best possible means to suit our company's varied and distinct needs. They have also helped us scale the ladder and achieve the numbers targeted. I’m very happy with the progress made and would recommend Spinta Digital as the go-to company to anyone looking to venture out on a new digital journey.”

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