LevelUp Nutrition

LevelUp Nutrition

LevelUp Nutrition was created with the sole purpose of bringing the best of global sports Nutrition to India.

The founder of the brand, Mr Haresshvar Sakthivelu throws light on the struggles he had to face to access original fitness supplements and the fears underlying the authenticity of its counterparts.

When I approached Spinta Digital 7 months ago, we were just a startup hoping to grow our brand and establish a name for ourselves. But now, 7 months hence, I’m overjoyed with the kind response we’ve got and the community we’ve managed to build. 

The team knew the best possible means to suit our company's varied and distinct needs. They have also helped us scale the ladder and achieve the numbers targeted. I’m very happy with the progress made and would recommend Spinta Digital as the go-to company to anyone looking to venture out on a new digital journey.”

Just like every other startup looking to establish its digital brand presence, ‘LevelUp Nutrition’ had three primary goals:

Goal 1

To build ‘LevelUp Nutrition’ into a digital powerhouse by expanding and strengthening the brands presence across varied & distinct digital platforms.

Goal 2

Ensuring ‘LevelUp Nutrition’ is transformed into a brand that truly makes a difference, causing a cascading effect across the digital market space. 

Goal 3

Revolutionising the brands digital sales strategy and converting ‘LevelUp Nutrition’ into an ultimate sales making machine.

A women holding Battling ropes - LevelUp Nutrition Client Case Study - Spinta Digital - Digital Marketing Agency, Chennai

Over the years, Mr Hareesh has made multiple attempts to change this reality, by envisioning the bringing in of products that are both genuine and effective in nature. LevelUp aims to deliver products of cutting edge user experiences and also develop a fitness community that continues to inspire every step of the way.

The Challenge

  • The fitness industry is a competitive market space, hence carving a niche brand image  for ‘LevelUp Nutrition” in the market was an ambitious hurdle to pass.
  • Establishing and building long lasting fruitful relationships with customers across varied target segments, remained a monumental task.
  • The creation of a Pan India marketing plan for a startup with a limited budget was a tedious yet constructive scope of action to work on.
  • Positioning the brands premium products to the cost sensitive market.

The Solution

At Spinta Digital, we believe in the creation and development of perfect digital journeys. 

  • Devised a 6 month marketing strategy to effectively position and market ‘ LevelUp Nutrition’ among its target audience.
  • Arrived at a launch plan, for all of the brands products. This has helped us accurately measure on key points and deliver on what was prospected. 
  • Development of a robust social media advertising strategies.
  • Scheduled segmented campaigns to align messages and value propositions with prospective audiences.
  • Usage of compiling keywords to narrow target markets.
  • Providing consistent marketing communications to cater to varied audience segments, having the brands overall goal in mind.
  • Generate and publish press releases, articles, magazine bylines and link building strategies.

The Outcome

Within the first 3 months, ‘LevelUp Nutrition’ has,

  • Acquired 700+ customers, 900+ subscribers from scratch
  • Had 400 repeat customers
  • 50+ Influencer's on board
  • 100+ positive reviews
  • 5 star rating for chat based customer support
  • Reached Customers across varied parts of India
  • 500k Impressions delivered to potential customers
  • Instagram following of 5125+ followers
  • Increase of 55% sales month on month 

A few words from Mr Haresshvar Sakthivelu, Founder, LevelUp Nutrition

“After having had a detailed meeting with the team at Spinta, a 6-month strategy was devised with long and short term goals in place. To my absolute delight, they achieved over and above the set targets within the first 2 months of their engagement with us. I am very happy with the outcome of the effort put in and pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail paid into every aspect by the team. I’m sure there are umpteen consultants out there,  but these guys give it to you straight, they won’t BS you and take you for a ride. Their work ethic is phenomenal and must be credited. I would vouch for them every step of the way. The question is, would you? ” 

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