CRG Solutions

CRG Solutions

Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup), is an internationally recognized business consulting firm, a certified partner and implementer of Microsoft Solutions for Businesses

They deliver Intelligent Digital Workforce solutions to help customers innovate, automate and standardise their processes and improve business efficiencies.

The Goal

Being one of the largest software distributors for Business Intelligence and Atlassian in the world, CRG Solutions had two primary motives. 

Goal 1

Boost the overall brand presence of CRG solutions and establish positive experiences with audiences

Goal 2

Prospect, reach out and convert qualified target customer

The Solution & Outcome

With a tad bit of “Spinta Sparkle,” CRG Solutions exceeded on their target numbers and established a brand presence that couldn’t be questioned. Here’s what Spinta did for them.

  • Formulated a mail prospecting strategy that helped reach out to qualified target audiences 
  • Created Marketing communications that showcased the benefits of their offerings
  • Scheduled a sequence of webinars to educate and engage with audiences
  • Used the power of LinkedIn Social Selling to connect and converse with the Target groups 
  • Achieved 2.5x of the expected number of attendees for the scheduled webinars

A few words from,Vaidya, Vice President, CRG Solutions India

We are extremely happy with our association with Spinta Digital and the outcome of this engagement."

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