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Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used web browser that have more than 50 percent of the worldwide usage share of web browser indicating it to be the widely used web browser out rightly. This has opened up a great business avenue in the form of Chrome application development for software solution provides. Such applications not only enhance the functionalities and add new features to the chrome browser but it will also simplify and accelerate the browsing experience.

We can help expedite your browsing needs leveraging our professionally qualified and well experienced web developers coupled with the unique ideology that brings a fresh breeze of innovation in all our Chrome applications. We bring closer the technology and businesses by creating and delivering high-end technology solutions.


User Friendly - Plugins are extremely user-friendly and easy to comprehend for a layman. Easy to Set Up - Chrome plugins are fast to use and extremely easy to set up owing to the wide range of stability provided by Chrome browser. Immune to SPAMS and PHISHING - Developing a Chrome extension plugin is always safe and secure. Holistically, Chrome plugins ensure that your data is encrypted and safe while browsing.

Cost-Effective - Chrome is a stable, efficient browser which provides simple solutions for plugins. This means, developing a Chrome extension plugin is extremely cost-effective.

Easily Customizable - With its stability and efficiency, plugins on Google Chrome also come with a feature to be customized quite effectively.

Improved Browsing Experience - Chrome web applications help improve your holistic browser experience as it's easy to use and extremely user friendly.



Book Tatkal is a chrome web application is a Tatkal train ticket booking developed by us. The Book Tatkal Plugin is the fastest way to Book Tatkal tickets for traveling in Indian Railways.. The chrome web app is currently the number 2 rated app in India..

Book Tatkal is developed and marketing by Spinta Digital • Average rating 4.6 in Chrome Web Store
• 1.5 lakh users
• Average tickets booked per day 800
• 2nd highest rated app in India
• Rated 4 times more than any competitor in the segment

Developing Google Chrome Web Applications can be a complex task. This requires strong technical capabilities, an eyes for usability and good design, and a solid grasp of business. Sonta Digital, has experts with all of these skills to complete your task of building your Chrome Web Application,

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