Digital Marketing Solutions : Yoga

  • Developed by:Spintadigital
  • Sector:Health - Start-Up
  • Skills: CSS3/HTML5/Js/Ads/Marketing
  • Client: Juru Yoga

Juru Yoga - Start-Up Sector
Juru Yoga is a startup founded by published Indian author - Puja Borker. At it’s very core, Juru Yoga is an e-commerce portal that sells eco-friendly yoga mats and props to yoga practitioners worldwide.



Project Info:

This is a case study of how Spinta Digital, hybrid marketing company based in India has helped Juru Yoga in empowering their digital transformation. The following document contains our client objectives, their goals and how Spinta Digital has helped achieve their goal through digital transformation techniques.

Objectives When we first interacted with their team, we understood that the main objective of Juru Yoga was to increase their brand recognition on the digital medium. We have worked closely with this team for 6 months and have helped them in expanding their brands through online media channels.

Spinta’s Deliverables

Social Media Marketing

Branding through social media channels - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Drawing audiences by providing a mix of social media posts related to new yoga lovers, yogi’s, yoga teachers etc.
Increase audience interaction by providing client testimonials.
Responding to user comments and maintaining online reputation management.
Creating a Pinterest and Quara profile for the brand. Products were updated in the business profile of ‘JURU’ and these products were categorised and pinned boardwise to be visible to audiences who look for products using relevant keywords. and posting the products ‘Board’ wise in Pinterest. Apart from products, generic infographic creatives with Yoga tips, yoga benefits and yoga poses were posted in the profile.
A Quora profile was created in the name of the co-founder and constantly kept posting answers for queries related to Yoga and Yoga props. Blog posts were also updated in the profile as more audiences tend to visit the profile and kept posting yoga related queries.

Content Marketing

Devised a scalable content marketing strategy for Juru Yoga keeping in mind their target audiences and their objectives.
Drafted content for their blogs and optimized it according to their selected and approved keywords on Wordpress.
Distributed content across various content distribution platforms. The content developed were shared with relevant hashtags and tags to increase the engagement rate.
Content that were developed based on Events related to Yoga or Calendar dates were shared and posted in Yoga groups and pages with relevant tags.
Guest coverage for Juru Yoga to increase backlinks and brand recognition.

Search Engine Optimization

Researched on various keyword specifics for Juru Yoga and how they can be leveraged for branding.
Worked on On-Page SEO optimization and Off-Page SEO optimization for their webpage.
Generated monthly ranking reports for Juru Yoga’s approved keywords.
Accentuated Juru Yoga’s keyword list from position 50 to position 1 of Google Ranking!

Campaigns and Contests

Empowering With Juru - #Empowering With Juru Campaign

Channels - Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) EmpoweringWithJuru was targeted on social media channels with an objective to reach out to all women and empower them with the benefits of practising yoga.
Spinta’s social media specialist handled the campaign by leveraging on social media platforms with interactive posts targeted women and encouraging them on practising yoga and how it can change their lifestyle in a positive way.

Storyofayogi Campaign

Channel - Content Marketing

The #StoryOfaYogi was aimed at targeting influencers, reaching out to them and requesting them to contribute a short story on how ‘Yoga changed their lives’.
These inspiring stories were published in the blog page and shared in social media with relevant hashtags.
It was observed that stories that had a personal connection had more engagement among audiences, as most of the target set have more interest in reading live stories than articles that were generic.
Clients played a major role in content generation by reaching out to their followers, friends and other influencers and requesting them to contribute their ‘transformation story’.
These stories were published and shared across major online platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #StoryofaYogi.


Juru Yoga has always had a clear understanding of their goals and was an absolute delight to work with. Our experience with them has been extremely enriching and the kind of campaigns that we have involved ourselves in has been an enriching experience for us.