Digital Marketing for Food Industry

Food Palette
  • Developed by:Spintadigital
  • Sector:Food - Start up
  • Skills: HTML5/PHP/CSS3/js/Ads
  • Client: Food Palette

Food Palette
Youngsters these days are constantly looking for oppurtunities to start their own businesses. Though the rate of increase in start ups is aplenty, one industry that never fails to capture the attention and interests of audiences is the food industry. Started by young entrepreneurs Siddharth Dhoka and , Food Palette is an app targeted at dessert lovers across the city.


Project Info:

This is a case study of how Spinta Digital, hybrid marketing company based in India has helped its “start-up” client - Food Palette in empowering their digital transformation. The following document contains our client objectives, their goals and how Spinta Digital has helped achieve their goal through digital transformation techniques.

Objectives The main objective was to increase the brand awareness and run campaigns and ads to reach out to more people and spread its wings across major cities.

Spinta’s Deliverables

Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Branding through social media channels - Facebook and Instagram.
Drawing audiences by providing a mix of social media posts related to desserts and food.
Increase audience interaction by running campaigns and ads.
Content distribution across various groups targeted at food lovers and dessert lovers in the city.
Developing GIFs to attract more audiences and increase engagement rate.
Drafted content for guest coverage to increase backlinks and brand recognition.

Facebook Ads

Boosting posts

Digital Marketing For Food Companies

Posts were boosted on special occasions like Republic day where the customers can order for their favourite customised tricolor cupcakes. Boosting posts were effective and is said to have more leads when there are special offers running.

Page Likes Ad

Digital Marketing For Food Agency

Ads were run for Page Likes to increase brand awareness and to get more page likes for the app. The ads were targeted on Instagram as well. A creative is to be developed using attractive food images and colours so as to grab the attention of more audiences.

Carousel Ads


Carousel ads were run for special promos highlighting their customised products. A valentine promo was run for Valentine week for their customised products like jar cakes, cupcakes and cookies. This attracted more audiences and was targeted at groups based on their demographics and interests.

App install ads

food Company

Since orders can be made by only downloading the app, separate sets of ads are run targeting two different audience group, one with the android users and the other being apple users. App install ads proved effective for android users more than apple users, as the download rates were high.

Campaigns and Contents

Contest - Palette of Love

food agnency
To keep the social media page active and engaged, more number of campaigns and contests are to be held occasionally. The recent contest ‘Palette of Love’ was targeted at dessert lovers across the city. The objective of the campaign was to increase the engagement rate and audience participation. Participants were requested to upload a picture of their favorite food item with the hashtag #mypaletteoflove. The winners with the best food picture and tag will be awarded with a set of six cupcakes.


Since the app is for all food lovers, strategizing and targeting their audience segment was easier for Food Palette. The end goal and strategies developed for every campaign had a clear objective and understanding on the target set. It was an absolute delight to work with young minds. The kind of promotional events run for Food Palette was an enriching experience for Spinta as well.