Digital Marketing Solutions : Beauty & Wellness

  • Developed by:Spintadigital
  • Sector:Beauty and Wellness
  • Skills: HTML5/PHP/CSS3/js
  • Client: Landmark Clinic

Landmark Clinic
Landmark hair clinic is a London based hair restoration clinic with its main branches in Bristol and Harley Street, London. Landmark clinic follows six major forms of hair restoration techniques which is - Hair Transplant, FUE, Hair Quick Fix, Hair Regrowth Treatment, Laser Hair Regrowth and Hair Micro-Pigmentation.



Project Info:

This is a case study of how Spinta Digital, hybrid marketing company based in India has helped its “beauty and wellness” client - Landmark Clinic in empowering their digital transformation. The following document contains our client objectives, their goals and how Spinta Digital has helped achieve their goal through digital transformation techniques.

Objectives Spinta Digital’s team of hybrid professionals were entrusted with a holistic digital transformation for this clinic. Our main goal was to ensure that the brand was digitally inspiring and recognised on the online channel.

Web Solutions

Landmark Clinic’s list of holistic services were first entrusted with website development. Spinta’s web designers developed a robust, user-friendly design that highlights all the KPI’s of a beauty and wellness clinic. Our developers have also integrated blogging platforms to enable content marketing services for landmark clinic.

Sneak Peak

Our UI designers understood the importance of providing a results page for a hair restoration clinic like that of Landmark. After due consultation with our clients we decided to make the results page to not just look appealing but design it in such a way that users themselves can see what hair restoration is all about. Given below is a small sneak peak on the kind of interface that we did for Landmark Clinic’s results page.

We gave users an option to see for themselves on how a hair restoration/transplant can transform their look. The page turned out to be a runaway hit with our clients and they simply loved the interaction that users had on the very same page!

Search Engine Optimization

Worked on identifying most suitable keywords that are used in ranking the clinic on the top page in Google search engine.
Worked on On-Page and Off-Page SEO optimization for the website.
Performed integrated bookmarking and directory submission for all webpages belonging to the site.
Monthly reports generation for all keywords with reference to their ranking and performance factor.

Social Media Marketing
Handled online reputation management on social media channels for Landmark Clinic.
Included social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.
Developed selective and relevant hashtags like - #landmarkclinic #hairrestoration #hairclinicinbristol etc.
Managed their Google+ profile.
Handled client interaction and response to queries on their Facebook page.
Sharing seasonal greetings and events online with relevant hashtags.

Content Marketing

Integrated blog for landmark clinic to enable content marketing.
Composed SEO optimized content to help drive traffic through online mediums.
Distributed content in various platforms.

Email Marketing

Bulk email for promoting offers and coupons to Landmark’s clients.
Distributing blogs through email marketing software (Mailchimp).

#GiftOfHair Campaign

Channels - Facebook and Instagram - #GiftOfHair to a loved one.
Idea - Devised a seasonal greeting/offer campaign with the hashtag #GiftofHair. The campaign was posted on social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) where we encouraged users to provide/share the #GiftofHair coupon to their loved ones for Christmas.

“Let Your Mane Shine” Campaign

Channels - Facebook.
Devised a new campaign for Landmark Clinic to help their users and subscribers understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet for an enriched lifestyle and a healthy hair.
Our social media specialist devised a list of healthy food, their characteristics, vitamin contents and how, when consumed, these foods can help in leading a healthy lifestyle.
We covered the following foods - Bell Pepper, Spinach, Avocado, Carrots, Salmon and Flaxseed and designed them with the help of Spinta digital’s designers and explained how they can be a good source of vitamins for a healthy hair.


Landmark Clinic was an absolute delight to work with. Our experience with them has been extremely enriching, especially to our clientele.