LinkedIn is a networking platform that was launched for establishing professional connections and developing your corporate portfolio. It primarily caters to individuals by allowing them to post about their work histories, accomplishments, upload resumes, and other supporting materials. It also provides large and small enterprises to showcase their products and services, post jobs and network with potential prospects.

This platform is an effective collaboration tool that helps businesses target specific markets, industries and sare best practices. Entrepreneurs and executives can position themselves as thought leaders in their specific industry. Organizations can participate in different groups to establish partnerships and win more customers.

In this blog, we present to you a thorough roadmap that gives you information on what you need to know to establish your presence on LinkedIn and make it work for your business. Our LinkedIn Marketing guide will help you set up your business process by optimizing your professional information and grooming your corporate portfolio and professional network to target potential prospects.

How to set up your LinkedIn Business Profile

Setting up your company page on LinkedIn is quite easy. You can build brand awareness and learn to market your products and services to existing customers and future prospects. Here is how you go about it:-

  • Click on the “Work” dropdown located at the top righthand corner of the homepage and select “Create a Company Page+” option.
  • Upload a banner image and logo for the page.
  • Start posting company updates that will be interesting and engaging for your audience.
  • Create curated content that will cater to your audience’s interests and requirements.
  • Promote your page to attract prospects and followers.
  • Create a “LinkedIn Showcase page” that features specific services or products. You can do this to customize messages for different viewer segments.

How to optimize your LinkedIn Business Profile

You need to keep your business profile updated at all times to engage your followers and customers. A dead profile does absolutely nothing for you and your brand image. Here are a few tips to make it happen:

  • Refresh your profile page’s branding like your background image, achievements, education, certifications, projects worked on, etc.
  • Audit all the media on your profile like your company’s YouTube links to make sure they are relevant and active. Create videos to introduce yourself and your work.
  • Check your website links to make sure they work.
  • Access your connections and delete those who aren’t relevant to your industry.
  • Reconnect with people who can help you build your brand.
  • Use high-resolution photos wherever possible.
  • Give recommendations and solicit endorsements.
  • Customize your personal information and your business’ contact information.
  • Make sure your headline uses keywords that your target audience use often.

How to advertise on your LinkedIn Business Profile

LinkedIn is not only a great platform to get your company information online, but it is also a versatile tool for target marketing. You can use LinkedIn Matched Audiences and LinkedIn ads that will market your business to people who may be really interested in what you’re offering.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to combine the platform’s professional data with your own data to reach the right audiences. You can use it for website retargeting that allows you to market LinkedIn members who have visited your website. The other two targeting capabilities include account and contact targeting. For the former, you can help reach decision-makers at your target companies. For the latter, you integrate or upload your list of personal and professional email addresses to build a customized audience. Contact targeting through data integration will enable you to connect directly with contact management platforms to import contact lists that match with LinkedIn members for ad targeting.

Whether your goals are lead generation, brand awareness or sales conversions, LinkedIn ads will target specific audiences and helps you control your budget and cost. You can track audience response by running split tests, which are also referred to as A/B testing. Split testing ensures that every component of your ad campaign is iterated and optimized. LinkedIn ads really work for reaching small to medium enterprises. Use the “Company Size” filter to target specific companies that are most likely to purchase your products or services. You can connect with potential leads through contact forms that are designed to collect information via your ads. When viewers click your call-to-action button, the form opens with the fields already filled using information from their LinkedIn profile.

How to analyze metrics on your LinkedIn Business Profile

Let’s just say that you have optimized your business profile by setting up your company page, posted some interesting content, run some ad campaigns and even recorded videos. How will you know if all this marketing is working or not? The answer to that is within key metrics that can be used to scale your LinkedIn company page’s performance with your competitors. You can do that by:

  • Create a spreadsheet for auditing.
  • Identify all your techniques to see which ones are giving you the best results and which ones are falling short.
  • Track your follower data by using LinkedIn’s analytics tool for assessing the company page and the total number of followers to see if it grows or not.
  • Examine the page’s engagement data by using LinkedIn’s analytics to show the number of clicks, likes, shares, comment, etc. for a specific time period.
  • Measure referral traffic by using Google analytics to see how much traffic LinkedIn is driving to your corporate website.

How to generate leads through your LinkedIn Business Profile

Lead generation is, of course, an indispensable part of your business. If you want to win more customers, you need to generate a consistent stream of viable leads. Here is how LinkedIn does the job of generating leads that are relevant to your business:

  • Convey value with a creative LinkedIn Summary. Craft your company’s summary that will help your prospects feel like they know your business understands their problems and have the solutions for it. They need to develop trust and confidence in your skills and expertise to help get to where they want to go.
  • Establish your expertise with engaging content on your LinkedIn feed. Post about topics that you are an expert at. Your content should illustrate the fact that you possess the knowledge and skill sets to own the space you operate in.
  • Start reaching out to prospects with customized conversation starters. You should know what to say and give recipients some background about your company.
  • Reach out and engage with prospects by monitoring notifications for special occasions. Look out for birthdays, promotions, work anniversaries and use them as opportunities to send a celebratory note.
  • Move conversations towards your sales pipeline with InMail and Messaging scripts. Writing good scripts will move your customers from LinkedIn into your sales process.
  • Nurture your relationships with clients, customers and prospects by connecting with them often. This is the easiest way to build your brand, develop trust and gain loyalty. Use native prompts to initiate a conversation and engage with people in your network.
  • Join the LinkedIn Profinder network if you are a freelancer. This helps you connect with independent professionals who are looking for specific services in marketing, consulting, designing, writing, programming, etc.
  • Give yourself a competitive edge in lead generation, brand awareness and business development with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. It tailors your search results according to your business requirements.
  • Attract prospects to your door by building your profile. Identify ideal attributes that include demographics, industry, job title, company size and revenue. Describe your target audience’s pain points and what you are already doing to find a solution for them. This way you are mapping out your prospect’s identity and using LinkedIn’s tools to target them and make them come to you.

How to broadcast videos on your LinkedIn Business Profile

Just like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn allows users to record and share videos directly. It will help you boost viewership and engagement levels online. Videos appeal more to viewers simply because it gives them a better sense of who you are, what your brand stands for, what products/services look like and much more. It gives a face to the brand which is crucial for marketing your business online. Here are a few ways you can use videos on LinkedIn:

  • You can establish professional credibility in your profile by adding videos to your existing company’s summary, educational section, certifications, experience and achievements. Just click the “Link to Media” button, paste the video link and click “add.”
  • You can add visual interest to your posts with videos. It makes your profile page more engaging and dynamic for viewers who you are trying to attract.
  • You can make your updates stand out with regular video posts. People who are scrolling through their timelines will take notice of what you have posted.

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