Big names and bigger promises! Our journey at Spinta Digital, for the last 7 months has been unbelievable with our team having the chance to work with some incredible companies from around the globe!

From a start-up to a well established university, we have grown our way into implementing the tricks and trends of digital marketing, especially in the fields of social media marketing, content marketing and web development.

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LIVE (Loyola College)

Our team of social media experts has had the opportunity to work with Loyola Institute of Vocational Education, an esteemed institute in the field of education field from Chennai, India.

When we first interacted with their team, we understood that the main objective of Loyola LIVE was to increase their brand recognition on the social media platform. Therefore, keeping in mind their objectives, we carefully designed the following deliverables to suit their need.

Spinta’s Deliverables

Social Media Marketing 

  • Branding on social media channels – Facebook and Instagram.
  • Drawing audiences by providing a mix of social media posts related to their Diploma and PG Diploma courses.
  • Increase audience interaction by providing student testimonials.
  • Responding to user comments and maintaining online reputation management.

Pay Per Click

  • Search Ads for Loyola’s Diploma and PG Diploma courses.
  • Reports and analytics on campaign performance and metrics.

Commerce Blend

An e-commerce based market insights company, based in Chicago, USA – Commerce Blend has partnered with our brand to increase their brand awareness via content marketing.

Spinta’s Deliverables

Spinta Digital’s content marketing experts, came up with an optimised plan that elaborates on the following content marketing strategy for Commerce Blend.

  1. Blog Creation and Distribution – draft content that is based on high performing keywords in the field of e-commerce and marketing insights.
  2. Content Syndication – distribute created content onto different platforms.
  3. Email Marketing – connect with lead’s via drip marketing.

Tacit Key

A knowledge transfer platform, TacitKey is a start-up based in Singapore, that partnered with us for their holistic digital marketing purpose. Our team of digital marketing experts customised these set of digital marketing strategies that suited them.

Spinta’s Deliverables

Our digital marketing experts, came up with an optimised plan that elaborates on the following inbound marketing strategy for TacitKey.

  • Creative a website that crisply speaks of their objective, their target audiences and how being a part of their portals helps professionals.
  • Devise an optimised email marketing strategy for the platform that keeps inbound marketing users engaged within and outside the portal.
  • Build their brand presence on social media with creatives that inspire professionals to be “thought leaders”. (check images below for more)
  • Create a content strategy that increases engagement on their website in the form of blogs.


One of the most inspiring start-ups that I ever came across in 2016, is JuruYoga. An online e-commerce platform that sells only eco-friendly yoga mats and yoga props to yoga practitioners and yoga lovers, JuruYoga firmly believes that “Yoga is not just about asanas and other physical postures but also a responsibility of protecting Mother Nature and her divine creation and living in harmony with nature.”

Founded by Puja Borker, published author of “Masterji” and a Yoga Instructor, JuruYoga is an e-commerce platform that sells natural rubber yoga mats and other yoga props to help practitioners make their experience with yoga much better.

Spinta’s Deliverables

Social Media Marketing 

  •  Branding through social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Drawing audiences by providing a mix of social media posts related to new yoga lovers, yogi’s, yoga teachers etc.
  • Increase audience interaction by providing client testimonials.
  • Responding to user comments and maintaining online reputation management.
  • Creating a Pinterest and Quora profile for the brand. Products were updated in the business profile of ‘JURU’ and these products were categorised and pinned board-wise to be visible to audiences who look for products using relevant keywords. and posting the products ‘Board’ wise in Pinterest.
  • Apart from products, generic infographic creatives with Yoga tips, yoga benefits and yoga poses were posted in the profile.

Pets App

A must have app for pet lovers, Pets App made it to my list of incredible startups in 2016! Quoted as a holistic app for pet lovers, PetsApp has five unique features installed – all that helps you grab the best for your pet!

Framed as the “Tinder for Pets”, PetsApp is not just confined to setting up your pet with a date but much more than that. Their 5 unique features include – directory for lost and found pets, a play date for your pets💕, pet adoption, pet book to pen down your pet diaries and yelp to help you get some interesting tips and suggestions to take care of your pet.

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