Big names and bigger promises!! The start-up culture is proliferating towards progression, especially in India! Today, marking the first week of new year, I decided to pen down some of the incredible startups from India that blew me over in 2016.

Wonder why I call them incredible? Well, read below and you’ll find out for yourself.

Book Tatkal

On top of my list, stands Book Tatkal, an unbelievable chrome extension that we got a chance to work with!

An extremely useful plugin, Book Tatkal helps me book my Tatkal ticket in less than a minute. Book Tatkal’s auto-fill feature is a boon to users who are booking their train ticket, especially in the last minute. The extension is available on Chrome and Mozilla and ensures in maintaining information entered once to stay put forever.


One of the most inspiring start-ups that I ever came across in 2016, is JuruYoga. An online e-commerce platform that sells only eco-friendly yoga mats and yoga props to yoga practitioners and yoga lovers, JuruYoga firmly believes that “Yoga is not just about asanas and other physical postures but also a responsibility of protecting Mother Nature and her divine creation and living in harmony with nature.”

Founded by Puja Borker, published author of “Masterji” and a Yoga Instructor, JuruYoga is an e-commerce platform that sells natural rubber yoga mats and other yoga props to help practitioners make their experience with yoga much better.

Pets App

A must have app for pet lovers, Pets App made it to my list of incredible startups in 2016! Quoted as a holistic app for pet lovers, PetsApp has five unique features installed – all that helps you grab the best for your pet!

Framed as the “Tinder for Pets”, PetsApp is not just confined to setting up your pet with a date but much more than that. Their 5 unique features include – directory for lost and found pets, a play date for your pets💕, pet adoption, pet book to pen down your pet diaries and yelp to help you get some interesting tips and suggestions to take care of your pet.

Food Palette

A lover of desserts, I found this venture pretty amazing! Food Palette is a mobile app (available on both Play Store and App Store)that helps bakers pursue their love for baking. Uniquely styled, Food Palette gives dessert lovers an option to choose their favorite dessert from a list of home-bakers who are willing to help them relish the taste of their dessert.

The app follows a simple logic, choose your favorite dessert from our listed bakers and their menu and get a freshly baked dessert delivered on your doorstep the next day! Isn’t it sweet?!


Next on my list is SuperPlan, an Indian startup that’s hellbent on helping users grab the best deals for their prepaid mobile data plans. Developed for Android users, this app is available on the Google Play Store for Free!

Most significantly, SuperPlan helps prepaid mobile users Analyze, Track and Save their mobile spends. Build with an easy-to-understand interface, this app gives users the liberty to track their mobile data spends, their usage and provides itemized bills and reports to help them save better with their plan.


Here’s one startup that not only showcases news happening in the metro cities of India but also from the remote areas of this country!!

Nyoooz is one startup that I came across by chance and ended up revisiting every day. It’s one of the coolest news startup ever that brings in its own daily dosage of city-based news.

Have you come across any such startup with a unique and different outlook? If yes, don’t forget to share it in our comment section below.