Marketing automation has been swamping the digital world off-late with innumerable solutions to business. Although unknown by many and still a buzzword, it’s clearly been evolving and making a shocking impact on brands all over the world.

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In this blog, I am going to list out how marketing automation has been utilised, implemented and proved by brands from across the world that it is indeed the most powerful marketing tool today.

Given below are 25 unbelievable marketing automation statistics from the global world.

1. Marketing automation was predicted to be the most piloted marketing technologies in the year 2015 by Salesforce.

2. Marketing automation has been adopted by – 60% of companies turning over at least $500miliion, 10% of companies turning over $20-$500million, 5% of companies turning over $5-$20million and 3% of companies turning over less than $5million! Raab Associates.

3. Top industries using marketing automation software include –

Software & Internet Telecommuncations, Computer & Electronics
Health & Pharmaceuticals and Business Services
Source – Mintigo

4. Number of B2B organizations using Marketing Automation have increased by 11X since 2011. Emailmonday

5. Google keyword search for “marketing automation” (on a monthly basis) has grown by 22% (12,100 to 14,800) in a span of 11 months! Spokal

6. 21% marketers acknowledged the importance of marketing automation, but are hesitant as they feel it’s too costly! Redeye and TFM&A

7. 91% of marketers/users believe marketing automation is “mandatory” in contributing to an overall success of their marketing campaigns across different channels. Marketo

8. Marketers have acknowledged that by making use of marketing automation, their sales revenues has had an average increase of 34%! Pardot

9. Marketing automation has increased lead management by 4% and multi-channel marketing by 3%. Emailmonday

10. B2B marketers have recorded an average of 20% increase in sales opportunities from nurtured leads versus non-nurtured leads. Emailmonday

11. Marketing automation sends relevant emails to relevant leads! This is said to drive 18 times more revenue. Hubspot

12. Over the last 5 years, marketing automation industry has grown from $225m worth to over $1.65bn worth. Integrate

13. Nearly one in four users have complained that marketing automation software is too complex to be used effectively. Autopilothq

14. Businesses which make use of marketing automation systems to nurture prospects witness a 451% increase in their qualified leads. Hubspot

15. 2015 witnessed, only about 4% of businesses (USA) with >20 employees using marketing automation. Autopilothq

16. In the year 2016, marketing automation is predicted to be adopted by 60% of businesses worldwide! Leadformix

17. 66% marketers have reported that they allocate less than 10% of their budget to Marketing Automation. Emailmonday

18. Companies using email marketing are 75% more likely to purchase a marketing automation software. Wishpond

19. 40% of buyers reportedly stated that “increasing lead management” is the predominant reason for their company to buy a marketing automation software. Marketo

20. The first marketing automation tool was released in the year 1992 – called, Unica. Marketing Automation Insights

21. Using a marketing automation software gives a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. Marketing Automation Insights

22. 71% companies which recorded an increase in their sales tested multiple landing pages. Wishpond

23. Analytics and reporting (52%), Campaign management (46%) and Lead nurturing (46%) are considered the most useful Marketing Automation features. Emailmonday

24. Only 8% of business are using marketing automation to nurture existing customers. SiriusDecisions

25. 41% of marketers report that marketing automation is extremely effective at creating a cohesive customer journey. Salesforce