How Does Digital Marketing Help In Promoting Retail Store Online?

Can digital marketing help in promoting retail stores online?

Life has never been so comfortable than before the invasion of digitisation in our daily and everyday life. Since the 1990’s and 2000’s, the digital world is spreading its branches every day a little more. It has changed the face of business trends and changed its process too, both for the customer and the client. Let’s take a sneak peek here.

Digital Marketing, a familiar word in today’s world, has now been a mostly used tool in marketization. What is it? In the simplest way, it can be defined as one of the best ways to promote products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. Mainly on the Internet, but also includes mobile phones, display advertising and much more. Digital marketing activities are SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, PPC Advertising, Digital Consulting etc.

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How does digital marketing help in promoting retails stores online?

Days are gone of making posters and sale cards for the promotion of a particular retail outlet. With the easy access of digital world, it is the high time to use the internet for promoting products of online stores as well as the retail stores too. In the below-mentioned ways, we can explain every know-how of this marketing system:

  • Facebook – Millions of people are on Facebook, and as an advertising platform, it offers options for paid ads. Also with the Facebook Custom Audiences, one can advertise to website visitor and email subscribers. Another way of using Facebook as the digital platform is by adding shop section to any retail store’s page. In this way, all the products will be just a click away.
  • Pop-Up Shop – The promotion of a retail store with the help of pop-up shop is the most useful way. Running a pop-up shop will help you build exclusivity around some of your merchandise, get covered in local media, take benefit of seasonal shopping, unburden old inventory, and have a chat with your clients in person to learn more about them.
  • Blog – Using one’s own blog to drive away traffic and advertise a product and to promote store is one of the greatest ways.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing is one of the most useful ways. It is the second most efficient customer platform, and one can quickly promote a retail store with the option of automated email setting.
  • Instagram/Pinterest – A lot of people nowadays use these platforms. So these can be an excellent way to advertise and drive out traffics.
  • Youtube – Behind Google, the second largest search engine can help any retail store to promote its product in a very convenient way.
  • SEO/ SEM – These are the processes of increasing the visibility of a website in a web search engine’s voluntary results — often referred to as “organic,” or “earned” results. It is also a measurable way to promote a retail store.
  • These are just the ways of developing a retail store. But in what ground, and how one retail outlet should promote its products, which entirely belongs to their particular policy.
  • Before using inbound marketing strategies, a retail store should consider the following points.
  • Nature of their products.
  • Circle of customers – Their age, sex, etc.
  • Location of such retail outlet.
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Now the question comes “Has digital marketing helped to endorse a retail store?”

Devoid of thinking twice, we can say that yes, it has.

Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned statistics for some affirmative confirmation.

  • 59% of internet users use gift coupon codes when making a purchase. (Source: Statista)
  • 44% of email users made at least one purchase based on promotional email. (Source: Bikini Luxe)
  • According to Wanderful Media, in a survey, it was found out that, 91% of people surveyed stated that they visited retailer because of their online promotion.
  • While running online promotional offers, 15% sale increases. (Source: Santy Integrated)

In the Indian market, Big Bazaar being one of the largest retailer groups, uses online promotion on some daily basis like the Facebook page, twitter, etc. And according to their recent studies, 10% sale has increased since the past year due to this online promotion and offers.

Products don’t sell themselves. In the era of internet and digital marketing promoting retail stores online is more imperative than ever.

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