Facebook Live 360 Video : How To Use Them For Social Media Marketing

As a social media marketing agency in Chennai, India we have always understood and appreciated the kind of changes Facebook brings to its audiences. Of these, Facebook LIVE 360 Video was something that we absolutely loved to explore. Today, we have decided to give you a short pitch on hot to use this Facebook Live 360 Video for social media marketing.

First and Foremost, what is Facebook Live 360?

In 2016, following a while of experimentation with welcomed paid benefactors, Facebook, at last, allowed an all-inclusive access to “live video broadcasting” to its Facebook users. The move was nearly trailed by Twitter and Instagram since both understood that live video conveys a sense of earnestness and selectiveness that no other content can coordinate.

As a major aspect of that experimentation, Facebook worked with National Geographic to give live 360-degree recordings to the Nat Geo gathering of audience.

An early communicate took viewers to the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah to watch a dialog with specialists and a board of specialists. The experience additionally enabled viewers to investigate the Martian-like leave setting in Utah continuously by clicking and delaying the video to move their view to one side, appropriate, up, and down.Viewers who watched a recording of the communicate would likewise have possessed the capacity to put their mobiles into VR headsets and do simply knock some people’s socks off to see everything around them.

Presently Facebook Live 360 has taken off to all Facebook clients and can be communicated from Facebook profiles, and in addition from business pages.

Wondering that your viewers may miss something critical as they investigate your video?

You can utilize the Facebook Guide tool to alter your Live 360 film after your communicate. Control gives you a chance to point out particular purposes of enthusiasm for your 360 videos so watchers are coordinated to key segments of your substance that might be out of view as they container around.

Like other live recordings, you’ll get the chance to see remarks and responses, and you can download your recordings for later communicates. You can even lift your Live 360 video (for expenses of up to $10,000 every day) to further expand engagement.

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Prepared to make your own particular Live 360 video on Facebook? We should begin.

Pick a 360 Camera

Although cell phones do accompany front-and-back confronting cameras, you’ll require a unique add-on to live-stream in 360 degrees.

Facebook works with various remain solitary cameras, including the Nokia Ozo and the Z Cam S1, and also some portable frill. The Giroptic IO, evaluated at $249, is a camera that fittings into iOS gadgets. The Insta360 camera, costing $129 to $200, has alternatives for both iOS and Android gadgets.

Both camera gadgets accompanied remain solitary applications that enable you to sign into your online networking accounts so you can communicate straightforwardly without opening Facebook. You can even include a watermark like the one appeared underneath for marking.

Benefit as much as possible from your location

A broadcast made straight to camera (a most loved of such a variety of live video makers) can rapidly turn out to be outwardly uninteresting.

A 360-degree video will give your viewers a chance to check out your condition while they hear you out.

A live broadcast that is pressed with a great deal more visual data settles on the decision of area more imperative, even as it builds seeing circumstances and supports engagement. Your viewers can now observe everything, so you’ll need to clean up before you go live.

Even better, communicate from a recreation center seat rather than an office seat and your group of onlookers will have the capacity to appreciate the view, watch the road entertainer to one side, and see individuals playing Frisbee on the left. With additional to see, they’ll have fewer motivations to click away.

Key Considerations for Mobile Live 360 Broadcasts

Facebook will enable you to live stream for up to four hours, however, Live 360 video is such a major draw on battery power you’re probably not going to get that far with a cell phone. Rather, shoot for communicates that last 10 to 20 minutes.

What’s more, while you can utilize your portable information association with communicating a Live 360 video, Facebook prescribes you secure a transfer speed of no less than 4 Mbps for best outcomes. Without great WiFi, you can anticipate that the video will look somewhat hazy and pixelated.

3 Ways to Incorporate Facebook Live 360 Video Into Your Marketing

At their most essential, 360-degree live recordings include a significantly more profound level of intrigue and substance to even the least complex of recordings. Dissimilar to two-dimensional recordings, 360-degree recordings recommend to watchers that something additionally fascinating is only a fast swipe out of vision.

Furthermore, obviously, live 360-degree recordings open a radical new slew of imaginative advertising openings. Here are a few thoughts for utilizing Live 360 video to add something extraordinary to your social media advertising.

Make Live Events Inclusive for on hand and Remote Attendees

Live survey groups of onlookers watching shows and occasions will feel as though they’re truly in the area. At a meeting, for instance, a 360-degree camera set amidst on location participants can put a long-remove watcher ideal in the activity. At the point when another individual from the crowd poses a question, they’ll have the capacity to swing to see who’s raised their hand.

An exchange can turn into a bona fide roundtable dialog at which anybody can put a question in a remark and after that glance around to see who’s replying.

At a celebration, watchers will have the capacity to appreciate the exciting of the group and the execution without the mud or the long lines for lavatories. Similarly, fans from over the globe can participate in select exhibitions, similar to the collection discharge party from Set It Off.

Give Viewers A chance to investigate behind-the-scenes Spaces

Voyages through areas can likewise turn out to be quite a lot more fascinating. In the background recordings will indicate watchers everything that is going ahead behind the curtains, and not exactly what the cameraman happens to point at.

Draw in Attention With Scenic Experiences

Brands like Red Bull have constructed whole pictures on their sense of enterprise, and live video broadcasters have officially found that activity recordings create more noteworthy engagement than clear live infomercials. Communicate from a sailboat, a ski incline, or the highest point of a mountain trail and you’ll have the capacity to offer visual substance sufficiently appealing to draw eyeballs and ears for the message you need to share.


Live video has given social networking content another level of earnestness. It’s allowed marketers an approach to prod followers and attract their consideration instantly to an occasion they shouldn’t miss. Facebook Live 360 has included a radical new level of submersion to the experience. It’s made the substance more profound, more intelligent, and significantly more charming, promising longer survey times, more remarks, and more activity.

It at present requires an interest in some equipment (despite the fact that that may change as portable producers figure out how to utilize back and front-confronting camera focal points) yet an opportunity to benefit as much as possible from live 360-degree video is currently when the curiosity is still crisp, the substance still awes, regardless you have an opportunity to be prepared when Instagram and perhaps Snapchat get up to speed with Facebook.

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