Building Social Media Ads Successfully : Tips and Tricks

Many marketers believe in the importance of building social media ads to increase traffic for their business. Although organic social media campaigns (if researched and done right) is good for business, leveraging on social media ads takes you a step further.

A few days ago, from a very impulsive research, I realized that not many businesses leverage on building their brands through social media ads – the topmost reason being the fact that there is a proliferating increase in competition within businesses in almost all sectors.

Having realized this result, I also observed that reaching out new people has now become more imperative than before. To support my statement I did an analysis on what really happens online in 60 seconds (by online, I mean social media platforms) and I came up with the following data.

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This means, that although there is great potential for branding on social media using advertising, not a lot of business implement this due to lack of knowledge.

Therefore, this brings me to the topic I had in mind: “Tips and tricks to build social media ads successfully.

How to use social media marketing to promote your business?

Social media marketing is one of the many forms of digital marketing, you can use to promote your business online. Social media ads are imperative if your primary goal is all about expanding and generating leads through online platforms for your business.

Today, this blog is going to cover 4 extremely important and useful tips and tricks to help you build social media ads successfully.

Tip 1 – Respect a platform’s ad guidelines

It’s the most primitive tip of all.

Most marketers don’t realize that every marketing platform out there has their own set of guidelines that ought to be valued before you submit your campaign.

For example: Facebook has been, over a period of time, quite strict about their text rule on paid ads. The reach of your campaigns depends on the amount of text that is established in your design. Cross the barrier then BAM! Your ad doesn’t perform well.

Having said this, every social platform has its own set of data use restrictions to ensure the security of data. The advantage here is that most platforms have ready-made access to its console, therefore, you can always access these guidelines at any given point of time.

Facebook adverts guidelines  
Twitter ad policy
LinkedIn  advertising guideline
Instagram ad guideline
Youtube ad content guidelines

Tip 2 – Use appropriate images for display

The logic is simple – don’t exaggerate from what your business offers.

Hint: Speaking too much about your “offers” is going to have an adverse effect on your reputation as it might build unnecessary expectations among audiences.

Facebook has its own image guidelines which stand at 1200*628 pixels for an ad. So does Twitter and other social media platforms. Abiding by these rules helps you produce an optimized ad that can bring a higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

All social media platforms have their own guidelines for screening images that appear on ads. Facebook, for instance, doesn’t support images that emphasize on ideal “body parts” or with irrelevant ad copies as given below.

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Therefore, the trick here is to pay attention to terms and conditions before leveraging on social media ads for your brand.

Tip 3 – Use exciting ad copies

Neil Patel, my favorite influencer in this field once triggered my attention with a simple statement – “Make $$$ while you ZZZ”. A simple five-word sentence that grabbed my entire attention and had me reading his blog for the next couple of days to enlighten on some tips!

Get my point? That’s precisely what ad copies must do.

When I was running a campaign for Spinta Digital’s free template, I noticed variations in my ad copies that worked better! One of my ad copy read – “Download Free Social Media Content Calendar Template” and the other read “Social Media Content Calendar Template Download” – guess which went well? The former of course!

Trick here – Usage of the word “free” did the work, obviously.

Your ad copies likewise must be deliberately attractive too. Ensure statements like “Free”, “Lower Cost”, “Proven Steps”, “Tricks”, “High Conversion” etc exist to increase conversion rate.

Tip 4 – Use variations to test your results

Your ad performance is always subjective to an audience’s mindset. Believe in the practice of running ads with variation to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Many social media platforms have a variety of test variations that could be implemented. For example, Facebook and twitter provide test variable in fields like the headline, creatives, CTA, and targeting!

Tip: Every test variation must ensure a legible content and must be directed to a similar landing page that compliments your ad.

Ad content must match with the landing page content to ensure a systematic connectivity. A good connection establishes a high conversion rate for your landing page.


Every social media channel, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Linkedin are all extremely powerful mediums for communications. Building a successful social media ad on these platforms takes time and effort and some observation. Therefore, the best tip I would give marketers is to take some time out to analyze, plan and then execute their social media ad.

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