Benefits of Implementing Video Marketing for Hotels


Over the years, marketing has become an inevitable part in promoting products and services whatever the business may be. While there are varied forms of marketing that is being implied in today’s business world, online marketing has taken a surge in the marketing world. Marketers across various sectors are now ready to explore the newest forms of the marketing trends in the business as these forms are not just cost-effective but also give effective results within shorter span of time.

Some commonly used online marketing trends to build the business online include search engine optimization, content marketing, inbound marketing  and marketing automation.

While content is the king of marketing, video is the future of content marketing.  

In this blog post, let’s see how its beneficial to implementing video marketing for hotels. From television to YouTube, videos have become a prominent part of our lives. For an industry like Hotels, video marketing is an impeccable part of online marketing as videos are most preferred form customers seek when it comes to food and restaurants.

Consumers often sought this form of marketing as videos have become the most preferred content audience seek. Another important reason why videos are ruling the marketing world is that the attention span of audience are said to be lower, hence videos fill this void by capturing the attention of the audience and keeping them hooked onto the message.

Below infographic explains why you need to use Video Marketing for hotels.

Video marketing for hotels - Spinta Digital

Reasons why Video Marketing for hotels needs to be a part of your digital marketing strategy

Videos are an attractive form of content, that drives more traffic to your website. Including videos in your blog post is not only appealing but also drives more traffic to your blog post. This in turn improves the SEO of your website. According to Comscore, adding video to your website increases the visibility of your website in search results by 53% For hotels and restaurants, posting pictures of the food and interiors work best. Besides frequent posting of images, it is also important to include videos in your content plan.

In social media, videos are said to be more engaging and brings about most number of likes and shares.

Posting relevant content in video format increases the interest level of the audience and persuades them to play the video. Scheduling video posts in your social media calendar is an effective strategy as analytics show videos have an higher engagement rate than any other content posted.

Video content gives greater optimization and reach. In other forms of content it is difficult to analyse how far has the content engaged the target group. In videos, there is feedback loop built in. It gives a deeper analysis of the reach, click-through, drop off points and the number of times the video has been watched. Also as per stats, more than 60% of the viewers watch at least ¾ th of the video, which has the highest possibility of conveying the message to the target group.

To boil it down, video marketing is on the rise among our target group and almost most of the industries imply video content in their marketing plan. Videos are the future of content marketing and the more the industries start to use videos in their content, the more it drives traffic and builds the business.

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