5 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness In Facebook


As one of the most valuable social media platform to grow your business online; Facebook ranks on top of its competitors with almost 1.55 billion active users per month. This means, increasing brand awareness on Facebook can be considered a blessing to grow your business through social media platforms.

Globally speaking, most brands are available on Facebook although the level of engagement and prominence varies. On an average, we found out that 0.5% to 1% of engagement rate sounds good for a brand. However, to keep the engagement steady and increase brand awareness on Facebook and other social media platforms is imperative.

Here are 5 ways you can increase brand awareness on Facebook:

1. Facebook Advertising

Increasing your brand awareness on Facebook can predominantly start with paid advertising on Facebook. If your brand has been shaping well through organic campaigns then you can consider improving engagement with paid advertising on minimal budgets. They are extremely helpful as the ads can be catered to audiences who have similar needs you're offering.

2. Adapt To Mobile

According to Facebook statistics that were taken on December 2015 ; there are 1.39 monthly mobile active users! This means a mobile-friendly content is imperative every time you think of an online strategy for your brand.

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3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is imperative when it comes to brand awareness through Facebook. Killer content that crisply defines what a user needs is what you must focus on. Initially, when your setting up campaigns banking on content marketing – ensure that you have a clear understanding of user personas you will be dealing with. Content marketing can be subdivided into different types and we are going to discuss some here.

  • Blogging: One of the most prominent forms of content marketing is Blogging. Once you identify the user personas entrusted upon your brand, you can move ahead and create articles that would interest them. To know more about blogging click here. Sometimes, blogging can be effective through guestposting as well (getting another blogger to post for you in his/her blog).
  • Infographics: One of the most prominent ways of content marketing is by developing infographics. A combination of images+text and the entire attention of the user is drawn to your post!
  • Case Studies: Another segment of content marketing that we found extremely useful is going publishing case studies through social channels.

4. Focus On Three E’s

To make your brand talk for itself, all you have to make sure is to focus your campaigns on it’s Efficiency, Emotion and Engagement!

To make my point clear, let’s take for instance the Dove Real Beauty Sketches, launched by Unilever in 2014. The campaign had one important criterion and that was to connect emotionally. Their aim/goal was to reach out to woman and make them feel confident about themselves! Needless to say, the campaign was a huge hit and it was globally appreciated.


5. Video Marketing

Online video marketing is the future of content marketing! Quite evidently content marketing has been overcome by videos. So why not use this means and adapt your page and campaigns to support video campaigns? Quite a number of video campaigns have been going well in social media channels.

An obvious example would be the Ice Bucket Challenge, started by the ALS Associate to increase awareness of the disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis! The campaign without doubt went viral on social media and generated a revenue of $115 million ($0 were spent!). In our context, it’s just proves how important and efficient video marketing campaigns can be to build your brand!


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