21 Proven Sales Tactics To Boost Your Revenue


If you are completely new to the sales scene, it is always better to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Even if you are experienced in sales, you have to try and test a few tactics so that you keep improving.

There are 1000s of sales strategies out there. Obviously, you don’t have time and resources to test all the strategies and find the winning one. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

We have tried a lot of sales tactics in the last few years. Some worked, some didn’t. After analysing all the sales experiments we did, we have come up with an exclusive blog post to show you the winning sales strategies.

Totally, we have 21 sales tactics for you. See, we can’t recommend just 1-2 sales techniques because what works for one business may not work for the other. Pick 3-4 that suits your business and implement them one by one. You should be able to find the winning sales strategy soon.

Let’s get started.

Sales Mind Hacks You Need To Master

1. Value Selling

Value selling is when you make customers buy your product for the value that it brings to the table instead of just pushing them to buy something from you.

Your customers are going to be happy as they receive more than what they paid for. In one word, “Overdeliver”.

2. The Logrolling Technique

The definition of the Logrolling technique may seem a little hard for you to understand. Usually, it involves selling something to the customer that's more important to them than to you in order to get something that's more important to you than to them.

3. Relationship Selling

You need to establish a good relationship with a prospect which will help you sell them something over and over again.

This places both the salesperson and the prospect in a soft spot and makes the process pleasurable.

4. Consultative Selling

You have to consult the lead and provide them with a solution to solve their problem. This solution that you are providing usually involves them buying one of your products or services. But the sales talk should be like helping them, not a hard sell.

5. Challenger Selling

Challenger Selling. Spinta Digital - Digital Marketing Agency, Chennai

If challenger selling is your sales weapon, you should be ready to keep yourself updated with new skills and have your existing talents sharpened.

You should have a thorough understanding of the customer's needs and pain points that will help you sell easily.

You need to break the prospect’s limiting beliefs and provide the solution. Make a strong statement and challenge your prospect to come up with a better solution than yours.

6. Conceptual Selling

Conceptual selling is when you satisfy the customers by making them feel like they had a win-win situation while buying your product.

You must have a keen listening power and a knack to ask the right questions in order to master this.

7. Soft Selling

Soft selling focuses on providing a smooth experience for both you and the buyer. It often involves jovial and friendly conversations.

You have to persuade the lead without making it too obvious that you're trying to sell them something. Make the sales pitch soft and try to build rapport.

8. Feature-Benefit Selling

In this method, you must let the customer understand how a feature in your product helps them solve their problem.

The benefits of your product should help your prospects to overcome their painful challenges.

Powerful Sales Methods

9. Focusing On Target Accounts

Target Account selling is when you direct your entire focus on a small subset of prospects. This usually leads to more conversions rather than having your sales team work on a bunch of smaller opportunities.

10. Referrals

The whole purpose of keeping your customer happy is because he/she may become your future customers. Referrals are one of the strongest sales mediums that bring customers without spending a dime.

11. Cold Email Marketing

Cold emails are very effective when it comes to turning cold prospects into sales in a very short period.

All you have to do is to write a personalized sales email. Doing proper research about the prospect will make all the difference.

12. Selling A Product Personally

This is one of the oldest sales tactics we are following for decades. Personal selling refers to the act of making a person buy something from you which is often the result of a face-to-face conversation.

13. Social Selling

Social selling is not an option but a necessity these days. You cannot take social media for granted anymore as they can lead to tons of leads and sales. Having a strategy in place will help you make the most out of social media.

Sales Frameworks That Really Work

14. SPIN Selling

The SPIN selling strategy makes use of the situation and the problem. The last two alphabets stand for Implications and Needs. It focuses on asking the right questions and gently pushing the customer at each stage.

15. The Sandler Sales Method

This method of sales is one of the oldest frameworks which people still prefer to use. If you can master this, you can make customers believe that they are not forced into making the deal.

Proven Closing Tactics

16. The Next Steps Close

If you choose to follow this strategy, you must let your customer decide what the next step of the process should be.

This is a powerful way to establish trust with your customer as they'd feel like they have a major say in making decisions.

17. The Concession Close

This involves providing a discount to the customer provided that he gives us something in return.

Offering a small discount to sign the deal on the same day is a typical example of this close. Urgency factor plays a vital role, make use of it

18. The Hard To Get Close

As a salesperson, this is one of the easiest tricks that you can learn and you might already be doing it.

It involves letting the prospect make the next move and all you have to do is to stop calling back.

19. The Puppy Dog Chase

You can offer free trials for them to go through the process and you're all set. If the client sees value in your product, they are not going to let it slip out of their hands.

20. The Assumptive Close

Talk in a way like you've already made the deal with them and like you're proceeding with the next steps. So, it becomes hard for your customer to say “NO” to your offer.

21. The Ben Franklin Close

By simply quoting the advantages and disadvantages of a product, you can emotionally drive the customer to take action.

This is exactly what Ben Franklin did and it works which is why we are still using it.

Bottom Line

Sales consist of various divisions that need your undivided attention in order to convert a lead.

A new salesperson often pushes himself into a dilemma and gets confused with what sales strategy to use. To be honest, there's no wrong or right when it comes to sales strategies.

You cannot choose one single strategy for all your customers, situations, and products. Have a good knowledge of all of them and use them when the situation demands it. You can combine 2-3 strategies and create a new strategy.

Hope this blog helped you learn the sales strategies that are actionable and immediately implementable.

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