10 Free Tools To Create Amazing Visuals On Social Media


Brands on social media platforms, constantly compete with one another, predominantly through visuals.

While it’s a given that creating visual content plays an important role in attracting users to your page, it’s also quite obvious that the internet has a cluster of tools that help in creating amazing visuals on social media.

Our blog today lists 10 free tools that help you create amazing visuals on social media.


Canva, is a desktop friendly tool that helps you create amazing social media graphics, infographics, presentations etc.

The platform has a collection of free elements and a huge library of stock images that can be purchased from as low as $1USD!

It can be used by specialists who are not technically “designers” by profession! It not only gives you the freedom to design your creative but also helps you in creating visuals that are quick and easy.

To learn more about this tool and how you can use it for your brand, visit their design school at https://designschool.canva.com/


Recite is a forthright visual content creation tool that I have come across so far.

It’s quite handy, especially if you want to quickly turn your thoughts into graphics using the desktop.

It’s quite easy to learn and operate and all you have to do is to write your thought, tip, quote, and then choose a design – Recite does the rest for you. A big time saver for many businesses!


Desginfeed creates a lot of gorgeously-rendered content, which are sized to fit all the relevant platforms.

All that you need to do is to tell Designfeed what is it that you want it to say, and it will generate an endless stream of design variations automatically.

Designfeed’s algorithm is intuitive and it learns the design types that you love, so the more content you create the smarter it gets.

Designfeed gives you ready-to-post, visually rich, social media designs that can be published on your social media channels.


Pablo is one amongst the many big gun tools that does everything automatically.

Much like Recite in practice, Pablo is designed by Buffer to help increase your social media engagement by creating amazing visuals on your social media designs.

All you have to do is just to whip up a single image on desktop – and the platform creates beautiful images in under 30 seconds for your social media posts.

Pablo is a very good time saver, and it also has a chrome browser extension for easy access!

And for those using Buffer, it acts an amazing extension to the ever popular sharing app. Definitely one of the most widely used visual content creation tools on my list!


Quotescover is an extremely simple tool if all you need is a simple background image for your “quote”.

It an extremely interesting desktop tool, especially for quick image batching.

Quotescover helps you save a lot of time while creating some cool and funky images. It lets you turn your ordinary text into a beautiful quote image.

It is perfect for those who prefer working at a desktop!

Hyperlapse (Android only)

Hyperlapse from Instagram (a mobile app, ofcourse!), allows you to take footage of any length and speed it up – so a 3-minute video can be reduced to 30 seconds.

It’s great for showing behind the scenes, showing a process, taking us on a tour, or an unboxing of something.

You can find this function as a setting in most of the smartphones – you either speed up the footage using time-lapse or slow it down using slow motion.

HyperLapse an excellent tool for creating amazing visual on social media, especially for platforms like Instagram.


PicMonkey is an image creation tool and a photo editing software that stands for what it claims – “Photo editor. Design maker. Idea realizer.” It’s a collective package that consists of an all-in-one editor for collages, photos, and designs.

First and foremost, PicMonkey is a photo editing tool, which can also be used for creating designs.  It has 100’s of overlays, filters, and fonts. Furthermore, it lets you access your own branding fonts.

It lets you use a lot of elements and amazing photo editing features and tricks that are added by PicMonkey to each theme.

Clipping Magic

We had to shell out a lot of cash to designers a few years ago just to clip out the background from images so that the image had a transparent background.

Clipping Magic is one of the simplest tools to use and most of us use it almost every single day.

It surely deserves a place here amongst the other tools that save hours and hours of our time every month!

WordSwag (iOS only)

WordSwag quickly became a household favorite when it caught the attention of bloggers in the year 2014. It allows it’s users to add their text to images and create a designer-quality piece of typography within seconds that look frameable – and all this from their mobile phone.

Typorama (iOS only)

Typorama is quite similar to WordSwag. It will automatically transform your photos and text into beautiful typographic designs. It also has a few extra layouts, filters and extras which make it a worthy addition.

It features quite a lot of good typography styles, few great fonts and effects and also the ability to resize or crop your image to a number of different sizes. It also lets you access backgrounds and stock images from Pixabay.

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