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We are an award winning digital marketing company based in Chennai, India and London doing awesome things related to marketing, technology and development every day and night.


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Digital Marketing Company.


55% of visitors have less than 15 seconds of attention span!

Technical Consulting Company.


Customized user engagement increases your leads by 97%!

Digital Marketing Strategy.


Your sales can increase by 50% with nurtured leads.

Digital Consulting Company.


To progress a lead from the top of the funnel to the first position of Google.

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What kind of services does a digital marketing company offer?
Every digital marketing agency brings out a wide range services to explore. However, at Spinta Digital, we go a step further. Our services elaborately includes Search Engine Optimization, PPC advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Designing, Technical & Digital Consulting, Web Designing, Mobile App Development and App Store Optimization.
How can a social media marketing agency help your company prosper?
Spinta Digital’s social media marketing team focuses on branding your agency/product into significant “social media” channels. As a procedure, our team of social media marketing experts volunteer to check your agency’s presence on the channels. We then analyze what channels can provide the best branding for your product/agency. Spinta’s clients who avail this service are provided with a monthly performance report about how their page, post and campaigns fare.
What must you consider before hiring a social media marketing company?
Before you decide to rope in a social media marketing company to help you brand better, you must, first and foremost understand the importance of social media and how it’s branding can impact your brand. At Spinta Digital, we offer specific consultations to our clients highlighting the kind of social media marketing services/strategies that we could carry out to help them brand better and reach out to a wider group of potential leads.
What are the kind of SEO services, Spinta Digital provides?
At Spinta digital, we concentrate on offering the core SEO optimization techniques (on-page and off-page SEO) to our clients.Although, any SEO company out there does the same, we are a tad different as we dont just combine our SEO services with traditional checklists but also quality backlinks, guest posting and relevant engagement by commenting on other platforms. Additionally, we also offer Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns to generate leads for our clients by combining it with free marketing automation tools.
Why choose a mobile app development company like Spinta Digital?
Spinta’s team of well talented techies have been involved in creating amazing mobile apps for both Android and iOS. We have a designated team of experts focusing uniquely on Android app development and iOS app development. In addition to app development, we also offer app store optimization services to our clients as we believe in proper marketing of an app to help it rank higher!
Would it be wise to choose a separate Android development company and a separate iOS development company to build your mobile app?
Over our experience,we have noticed companies choosing different companies to work on their Android and iOS apps respectively. However, at Spinta you needn’t have to worry. As said above, our designated team of mobile app developers, although assigned core fields, never hesitate to work together to give you the best results in both technologies.
Why should you choose Spinta Digital over our competitors?
Spinta is undoubtedly unique, as we don’t just provide traditional digital marketing services but also offer free marketing automation services to our clients. This, is something that so far, our competitors have not provided! For more details on how our free marketing automation tool can help you rank better click here.